Wednesday, 21 September 2011

oh wow. poor ''Valentina''

I must say, some people really dont have any business being on the internet...especially if your going to spend hours upon hours obsessing on someone whose A) better looking then you. B) has all the attention that you are sooo desperate for. C) never going to be phased by your harassment campaign...

This Gentleman RayMAN clearly guilty of all those things and more....seriously its gotten to the point of psychoticness so let me just fill those of you in who dont know whats going on....

this weirdo is on this internet quest to end my 'e-career' LOL obviously he has nothing better to do since its been 10 days since he was roasted by me in even after ignoring him day after day...and living my fabulous life he just refused to give up hope....i guess the humiliation was just way to much for him to bare...every single day since then....he's been blogging about me...i.ming people about me (tryna get info)...when he's told to get a life, by that person they become either my 100th alt or...there a man too who just needs to be blogged about....because its serious business for see apparently he knows it all....apparently i'm some cam whore called 'Valentina' because apparently ''all blondes are evil and lookalike' just like apparently i was aurora bentham and just like apparently moonlight brentley is someone else then apparently she's my alt aswell.........please look retarded & so desperate ew.
heres some pictures of miss Valentina....
i'll let you compare me with her.

ROFLMFAO! yea....exactly RayMAN fails..clearly not the same person also i have a distinctive tattoo on my stomach the chick above doesnt. ..i guess its part of his illusion to make his 3 fans believe he's not a completely deluded stalker...who has nothing to do but find out every little detail about not only my second life but my real life yet cant so resorts to making shit up...its pretty sad..
 where rayMan got his AMAZING source!

see bitch you just dont learn do are are through theres more us no more you.....riding my clit wont make you famous everyone can see your just'll never be this FLAWLESS ....i know i inspire you i changed your entire even talk like me now i'm everything in SL you wish you were....paid to be the end of the day...your walkin around with your ass on 100 in a 2009 skin dressed like a mexican chola/Rat...playing inspector gadget lookin at rez dates and assuming because you have no proof so you just need to lie its only making everyone see how ugly and desperate you are YOU ARE A MAN IN YOUR LATE 30's GROW THE FUCK UP LOSER!

your obsession with me led to your downfall i'm sure your going to blog over and over and over the same thing since the 11th of september...but you can scream bloody murder and nobody is gonna give a shit LOL but even though your a sad lonely pathetic loser atleast you gained something out of all got to totally idolize and aspire to be like yours truly...trying to be just like me...good for you <33 i do it for my fans and your clearly my number one fan <333


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