Thursday, 19 January 2012

Excuses and Fails

Poor little RayMan is so ass hurt from being raped so hard yesterday by myself and 'thatsorayven' he blogged a total of 5 times! lmfaoooooooo now you know a bitch is mad when he cant back away from his P.C then ontop of it he claims the 'people' at brokeback barbie have updated.....aka himself....not only is it obvious from the way you repeat yourself and the creepy way you type that its even admitted it to me ...when you said you had 'lost the password' for the blog...ROFL you felt the need to lie to me as if you were scared of me or something...

[2012/01/02 22:25]  Rayven Baily: the brokeback barbie blog i forgot the password. i havent logged into that account since the last post

Lmfaoooo who are you kidding you have no 'friends' you have nothing the people you 'considered' your friends are the ones who are BLOGGING about you and making a tard out of you through out the entire grid...I guess little RayMan didnt like the fact i know that he lives in the toilet bowl of america Michigan.....ROFL if i wanted to i could post the entire address and a picture but i'm just not that stupid to get in trouble over some internet troll...btw nice trailer....HAHAHAHA as for 'scotland' oh nosz!! how did you figure that one out! LMFAO poor RayMan keep failing failure...

Why does RayMan think i'm some cam girl named Valentina? when i'm just your regular pink pussy american girl oh here's why....the loser went on '' forums and asked people and they said it could be this Valentina chick but there just assuming....LOL this is your only source of evidence? once again RayMan i think you need to change your idea of what people consider 'evidence' and 'facts' because as far as i know all your so called 'facts' are assumptions that would be the correct term RETARD, perhaps if you werent so busy fucking your brother and sister you dirty inbred bitch you would know the correct terms why would i keep posting my RL pictures when i have some internet predator saving it on his p.c? which i will be taking into legal matters hehe so dont you worry we'll be contacting your ISP (WideOpenWest) today <33

I mean i'm sure everyone has heard it for the millionth time what you have been saying since WHY do you keep repeating yourself? is it because nobodies actually listening to poor RayMan or even cares what you have to it because not one person who i havent already argued with has come upto me about your little blogs? LMFAO you can cry and scream bloody murder nobody gives a shit what you have to say your not imporant enough...i've already addressed your allegations and i dont care to repeat myself unlike you and you really should google what a boi is dumbshit, should've named yourself parrot, you bird bitch.

Here's an idea though to get people interested! how about you get on mic?! or post your RL picture of can even post the picture of the emo girl you had in your 1st life tab for the whole past year before you began your stalking spree....i've already said i can get on mic ANY time...your little ..oh she hired someone to talk for her...she has a voice changer! sounds oh so retarded and sound like your making excuses again...either way what does ANY OF THAT have to do with YOU getting on mic? 

you already claimed you would get on mic...if the real chat came out and it also said you worked for a voice it shouldnt be to hard to get on mic....

[2011/09/13 14:17]  Rayven Baily: You want me to voice. I want to see this real convseration you claim you have. You do your part I do mine. Im not giving in to you bitch, You said fro the start you had it. Make my fucking day clear your name cunt

[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: all i need to put in my profile is ask rayven baily to voice
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: and see if she does
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Rayven Baily: IM trying to help YOU out what dont YOU understand
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Rayven Baily: go haead
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Rayven Baily: please do
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: lmfao help me out?
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: how so
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: your jealous of me you cant stand
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: the attention i get
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: you hate the fact
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: i do it so right
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Rayven Baily: go to lecabaret talk to the owners there I used to work there and I can go back at any time LOL

 *obtained from thatsorayven*

also there was a fascinating list you never addressed (because your a chicken shit) which was on my new fave blog 'thatsorayven' here's the questions again.

1.  Why wont you get on mic?  I know of at least 5 people that have called you within the past 6months.

2.  Why are you dodging the fact you are jealous of Harlee?

3.  Why are you denying you have feelings for Strom and you clearly do in your conversations with him and are the reason why you will not film with him?

4.  Why cant  you upload your REAL picture to celebrity look a like?

5.  Why haven't you commented on my magical 8 ball post? (remember you are the one who backed this 8ball)

6.  Why are you concerned with trying to prove Harlee is a man when in fact you are?

7.  Why are you wearing a princess belly ring that costs 99L? (thought you weren't cheap)

8.  Why are you obsessed with Jumpmans ass?  (all your stories are about his ass)

9.  Why do you look like a chubby teenager trying to fit in?

10.  Why do you love to smear shit on yourself?

11.  Why do you carry around power ranger guns and hide them?

12.  Why are you obsessed with kiddo cartoons and story tails?

13.  Why do you bash people for exactly the same thing that you do?  (alter pictures and chats)

14.  Why are you obsessed with Mercedes?

15.  Why are you obsessed with T-girls?  (that's right you are a man I just answered that on for you)

16.  Why do you talk shit about fake boobs when you recently were Cherry Poppin?  (LMAO look at the date its CHRISTMAS LMAOOOOOOOOOO)


so RayMan claims he has my i.p (pretty sure thats illegal) LMAO good luck with that, you see what i have is what people call a dynamic i.p google it bitch, oh and apparently you got it how? from comments on a blog? you mean were anyone can comment with any name? LOL no snapshot, no care! and apparently he doesnt have time to go back and forth, ROFL wasnt it YOU who started blogging again dumbshit? isnt the problem you have TOO much time on your hands? you could always crawl back under your rock RayMan.
as for googling my name dont you do that enough for me obviously LMFAO? you clearly missed this in the 'someones gonna be mad' post
Get mad if you want too <3

Oh apparently you wanna see the 'receipts' of the money that was donated to the cyber bullying foundation? your gonna have to ask Mr Lane for that one since he did it on my behalf sorry boo, can always contact his secretary, doubt he has time to get back to peasants like yourself though. <3


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