Friday, 15 February 2013

Brittanni Resident = Copy Botter

Hi everyone it has been brought to my attention for the 100th time by different people this thief by the name of Brittanni Resident has been botting me for the past year, at first i didnt care too much since i'm not as active anymore (nor do I plan on being), but I have to draw the line when it borderline becomes an obsession like single white female obsession, i think you all need to know about this pest.

Clearly as you can see thats her 'youtube' channel and on it she's asking a popular botting group ''KINGGOON' were she can obtain a copy bot.. Yes she is really this blatantly stupid.

she's already been known to copy bot and faking pictures, and people who have known me and seen my avatar can visbily see she's been doing it for about a year now this ranging from shapes skins custom breast layers my previous names accessories nails make ups etc etc even going as far as copying my profile as much as possible.....LOL
The look of my avatar can be dated from flickr or my blog back to 2011 i would like to add i'm not the only one that has been botted.

She is already being black listed (shit list) from GLANCE, SLfashion week event, Whatever  & TSG and the boobies show many more will follow. Botting or obtaining copybot viewers is not acceptable watch your avi's and 
and WE ALL KNOW LL wont do anything as usual, so its upto us to take a stand thanks.


Also i used to call myself 'Lola Monroe' on SL in 2011 i got the name from a female rapper and thought it was totally cute but yea clearly it shows she's been obsessed with me since 2011