Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thoughts Of The Rich & Famous -Harlee Fallen

By Hadès

Do you love the new pictures? arent they just absolutely FAB! hehehe, the photographer is a new instant fave & i'll prob be doing more work with him, he called me his new muse <33 uqh....those french men sure know how to treat a lady.
ALOT of people ask me 'Harlee why are you so popular? how can i strive to gain the same attention you get?' i always respond the same way....'Its not who you know, its who you blow!' LOLOL in SL theres only really 2 ways to make money....make things or make things happen.....the first one is pretty clear but let me go into what i mean by 'make things happen' need to see a market...a 'genre' if you will and you need to pay need to see everything and everyone involved...once you properly analyse the good from the bad you come out with something BETTER, Some call me a revolutionary...others 'fraud' either way...what i provide is a fantasy i cant force anyone to come and pay attention to me...they do it because they want to, for some i am THERE virtual fantasy...others not so much, I come across cocky and conceited but what exactly am i saying that doesnt speak for itself? you know my name correct? thats why your here...on my could be through a variety of things....scandal....word of mouth...someones work that i've been featured in, photography, videos....those who know Harlee know everything that needs to be known...for those who want to know''Harlee'' the 'PornStar' i have provided my own web fan base, it can be good, bad either way theres no denying my SLelebrity, does that piss some people off? i care? not really, if you love me i'm with you, but if you hate me fuck it! 
In the world i live in, theres always glitz and glamour and sometimes tragedy aswell, but at the end of the day its MY second life, what i choose to do with it really shouldnt concern anyone else...the scandal the stories the gossip i accept at the end of the day theres always a price to pay for being ultra i have to prove anything to anyone? nope...does anyone have to prove anything to anyone nope, SL can be a fun world aswell so many vast opportunities a great way to meet all kinds of people, maybe even people who you wouldnt in a million years associate with in RL if your going to judge a book by its cover then SL can be a pretty sad lonely place for you....i personally like to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life, being as high profile as i am unfortunately doesnt give me alot of time to respond to every single person who wants to talk to me, but i always acknowledge them regardless...People are usually suprised when they speak to me...they instantly assume oh...she's going to be a major bitch, when infact i'm maybe the complete thing is for sure i take no bullshit and i am blunt but i'm always polite until i'm forced otherwise.
My fans are really amazing, they are willing to do so much for someone they know so little about i do appreciate them all and love them all dearly its so humbling 
Making money on SL isnt as difficult as people make it out to be....its probably the easiest thing in the world....if you really tried...i wish i could give all my secrets away who knows maybe i will one day when i release my memoirs hehe, just remember everything i do in SL i do it for the fun and excitement, what keeps me doing what i do....probably the money....probably my fans but like all good things they come to and end, but dont worry theres still a while for all that! Harlee Fallen isnt going anywhere any time soon. ;)


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