Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rayven Baily EXPOSED

uqh...thought i was done with this fag named Rayven Baily.....guess not.

so few days ago one of my friends on SL i.m me like....btw....did you see what Raymond blogged....about you...and as you can imagine....after pulling that black dick from my mouth i was like...''who?''

so after being linked to that psychos blog....i couldnt help but laugh at all the contradictions in his post....from the top of my head...he was talking about how i was crying to sim owners about him and having him banned and blah blah....apparently i asked Duke Lenroy to have the bitch banned...well duh (maybe before i did)...i dont wanna see this every time i drop by a hangout.

but just to clarify i never asked him to i.m this uncle fester looking bitch and get into a conversation with him...that was his own perogative NOR did i personally ask him to ban her that day.

as far as i was concerned the bitch was just dropping by to stalk me as usual and i didnt wanna see it but since i was leaving it didnt matter she got banned the next day (because he couldnt keep his dick sucking mouth shut) and began blogging. 

Basically the same irrelevant shit he's been saying for the past MONTH.....rewording it and posting it again....guess someones running low on material....then the next day this bitch..makes a total random post about how i'm Jessica Ohmai.....welll sorry to burst your bubble Raymond thats not me...and neither is the other person....i dont know were exactly you get your facts that these regular bystanders who have no idea about this little E-Drama that you insist on recurring are actually my alts.....apparently your only proof is...because they use the words 'flawless....Basic Bitch....irrelevant....hoodrat''....basically words that people who are below the age of 40 use...on a daily basis wouldnt know about all that though would you..old man Rayven.

anyway heres another fun fact...i hang out at anaconda sometimes...and Rayven does too sometimes...but whenever i tp in...he seems to tp out and then comes his alt ...BRADY i said i dont give a shit about what you wanna be in you..i dont give a fuck loser...but you made this whole scene about the fact i made a male avi? obviously rayven would have denied this if it wasnt so horribly obvious....i mean there born on the same date...
 so you see this is what you call the definition of a 'contradiction' refuse to mic...still you have a male alt named make pornos with yourself because nobody else wants too......(unfortunately she deleted them all including the shemale pornos)

but heres a video with him and...well himself LOL

yes...i know i wonder how he can explain himself now? ''love your loved ones dont know how long you have left with them'' ROFL is that why your on SL day and night blogging about me? that what you were doing when your Gran died?!? LOL
even your male alt looks like a gay noob...
its sad that you'll never get over me Raymond...but i guess all this explains it pretty much....because your a NEED someone as a scapegoat so nobody suspects you.....well...sorry bitch you've been exposed....but yet again this was just so everyone saw that the very person blogging all this shit about me is actually a psychotic fruit loop in his dead grand mothers basement spazzing out on people he'd never meet in his life....because he wasnt born with a vagina.

while were at it here are some more of Raymonds Alts

[2011/10/26 23:52]  Amarkus Resident: (Saved Wed Oct 26 23:50:00 2011) Hello, remember me? I wasnt who you thought.I been around second life a long time. This here is an alt A friend of yours sent me to contact you. Actually, they hired me to do a few things for them, but they seem to have come up short on their part of the deal.  $$ They are threatening to put me on their blog if i dont agree with their terms. I can give you their facebook as I am friends with them on it  and maybe help you with that blog problem you have. Can you help me?

Dedarg Resident
Maryse Arcana (raymans minion aka IGOR)
Brady Neiro
Trixie Doghouse
Paparazzii Resident
Amarkus Resident
Forklift Resident
Amelia Xubersnak


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