Sunday, 30 October 2011

Poison... Poison Ivy.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

oh my i went to watch paranormal activity 3 last night...and i must say i was pleasantly suprised...i enjoyed it usually i'm not a fan of these kind of movies but this one was very interesting ( i have seen part 1 and 2) but this by far was the best had the beginning it did drag a bit but they all usually do so that wasnt much of a suprise...there were some genuine..oh my fuckin god i heard grown men squeeling at the movies so not only was this a horror but at times it was like such a comedy HEHE..i dont wanna say too much too actually ruin the movie if you plan on seeing it but its definately worth a watch if your into a little Halloween Fright Night...with friends or your partner.

Also uqh its so hard finding a decent costume especially when you have big busty boobs like me...hehe..but i do have a plan B and plan C if i cant decide on time to just walk around in chances are i probably wont be on for Halloween since usually plans just pop up but i'll make sure i post a few pictures on my blog and flickr for you all <33

 and oh


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Copy Botters Alert!

Uqh i just cant stand copy botters, there like the bottom of the barrell worse then anything else on SL (yes even psychotic internet stalkers such as Rayven Baily) few months ago i was the victim of copy botting and the person who botted me did infact get Banned...and who ratted them out ? there friend...

heres the confession...

[2011/09/13 08:51]  Harlee Fallen: lol your a fucking retard bitch...say bye bye to you main...thieving bitches like you never last on SL.
[2011/09/13 08:51]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/09/13 10:24]  KaraLee Aeon: good morning harlee
[2011/09/13 10:24]  KaraLee Aeon: a friend of cakes and i did infact take your avi I think
[2011/09/13 10:24]  Harlee Fallen: oh...and why did you do that?
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: I didn't it.
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: and talking to the dumb ass he can not log on
[2011/09/13 10:25]  Harlee Fallen: so he was banned?
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: I believe so
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: and I am not seeing a harlee folding in my inventory
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: Lindens have worked their magic
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: i am - a hitler outfit also
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: same cat

[2011/09/13 10:26]  Harlee Fallen: if so why is the name still in search
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: he has shit tons of alts
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: so whats the main
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: you know,
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: I would be a total cunt for giving that out.
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: well people are gonna think its you
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: are you gonna post this all over flickr too
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: if you dont
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: yes i am but atleast its gonna clear your name
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: if your infact not soundlyawake
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: i don't care what people think
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: its sl
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: if it was me i would be banned
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: you still had botted merchandise
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: a bodyco skin
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: cakes was freakin out
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: she didn't do shit lol
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: well why did she accept it
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: and why did he bot me in the first place?
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: idk. we were making a shape to look alike
[2011/09/13 10:29]  KaraLee Aeon: like a week ago
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: so you asked him to bot me
[2011/09/13 10:29]  KaraLee Aeon: hell no
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: ok so obviously he knew me somehow
[2011/09/13 10:29]  KaraLee Aeon: he is a stupid ass
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: and i saw cupcake in my avi
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: so tell me what his main account is
[2011/09/13 10:30]  Harlee Fallen: and i'll take your name
[2011/09/13 10:30]  Harlee Fallen: out of it
[2011/09/13 10:30]  KaraLee Aeon: his name is carson
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: carson what
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: please remove my name and her name if i give you the last name
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: i mean he will know i think but its not like he is commin back right?
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: idk how that shit works
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: he's banned for copy botting
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: thats his computer
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: banned
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: Carson Easterling
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: no alts no new names
[2011/09/13 10:32]  KaraLee Aeon: thats his main
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: his names not in search
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: are u sure
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: thats it
[2011/09/13 10:32]  KaraLee Aeon: there is his calling card
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: it just takes me to your
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: profile
[2011/09/13 10:33]  KaraLee Aeon: i sent it again
[2011/09/13 10:33]  KaraLee Aeon: i know his dumb as a long time

[2011/09/13 10:34]  KaraLee Aeon: bitch i would let you log in my shit. I am ligit. anything that came from him is now gone.
[2011/09/13 10:35]  KaraLee Aeon: anyways i gotta run. off to irl work
[2011/09/13 10:35]  KaraLee Aeon: if you wanna talk some more later im me.
[2011/09/13 10:42]  KaraLee Aeon: flikr still got that big sign callin cakes a botter
[2011/09/13 10:42]  KaraLee Aeon: well me
[2011/09/13 10:50]  Harlee Fallen: so has cupcake been banned

so as you can see she clearly admits her 'friend' botted me and passed out my shape aswell as a bodyco skin and a catwa hair to CUPCAKE KHAOS  & her  KARALEE AEON....

she claims lindens deleted it but...i dont believe that...and to me there just as bad as copy botters so watch your shit around these broke losers and make sure you inspect them and report them straight away. 

Also from this point on consider everything RAYVEN FAILey says as a sympton of her BUTTHURT SYNDROME.gosh blogging 2am in the morning must be serious business! know what they say birds of a feather flock together! FYI only middle aged men think the term 'winning' is cool and that was last year </3

Is you a BuRHTHURT?!?

Totally forgot for a second your BENEATH ME!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Flawless Fail LOL!!!! (+all of her alts)

Like i said being the cockroach she is she'll be back though make sure you all report Rayven Baily inworld

Also  if the following avatars i.m you asking questions about me or pretending to be me..please consider this as Rayven being a weirdo troll mute and report.

Forklift Resident
Amelia Xubersnak
Dedarg Resident
Paparazzii Resident
Rayven Baily
Maryse Arcana (raymans minion IGOR)
Brady Neiro
Amarkus Resident 
Trixie Doghouse
Lowkee Resident

my only active avatar is Harlee Fallen

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is a major issue and can be completely ignored by people, some may think 'oh its stupid its not physical its not harming anyone', well actually thats is harming someone the person who is being harassed.

I can speak from experience. Hi my name is Harlee and i am a victim of cyber me cyber bullies are extremely insecure people who sit on there P.C's every single day and torment people who they cant accept living happy lives they pick on these people because of the LACK of affection in there own lives sure they'll argue its just for 'fun' but if someone goes to 'those' lengths..then we have an issue...In the end people can be bullied for just about anything...there race religion sexual orientation creed..color of there hair ...being to pretty...being not pretty enough...doesnt matter... In the end its wrong there is no excuse for it, it shouldnt matter what another person (resident) chooses to do with there time on a virtual game unless it is harming someone else...if it isnt harming anyone then it is not of anyone elses concern (i never made the best choices...but nobody has the right to judge me or others in my position)...i am going to share with you my story about my ordeal...with a serial stalker/sociopath named RAYVEN BAILY on a game called Second Life.

Second life for those of you who dont know is a virtual reality game which has been created by its residents...every progress made from the appearance of an avatar to the movements were made by a second life this 'game' i learned many skills...from making clothes for my animations to texturing in general...along my journey i made ALOT of friends...and i also met alot of not so nice people...i.e Rayven

My ordeal began mid june i had gone through a break up with my second life boyfriend...nothing major just fell out of touch and decided to move on...unfortunately thats not how my ex boyfriend felt...he didnt want to let 'it' just he started vicious and false rumors about me..second life maybe vast but when your part of a particular community word travels like WILD FIRE...but being to busy in RL...i wasnt to concerned...till one day i was traveling around SL enjoy myself...i was i.m'd a person named 'Rayven Baily' ...i had once before had a conversation with this person...and it wasnt pleasant...Rayven had assumed i was someone else and sadly went on and on trying extra hard to prove to 'people' she wasnt wrong...but ofcourse she was...she apologized and moved on...or so i thought...when she me again...instantly she was extremely rude...addressing the rumors. i politely told her i wasnt interested in speaking with her about something i felt was irrelevant and...i guess Rayven being the troll he/she is couldnt move on...apparently because our 'last convo' which was january or febuary prior to our next convo which was mid september...she had decided that i was too much of a 'cunt' to let it go...even though from the space of january till september i had forgotten this 'person' existed....
So the next day i recieve an i.m from a friend telling me i have been 'blogged'...i was extremely suprised and the length Rayven was going to make his 'point'...and from that day ...the '12th of september' my horror began....every day after that point...Rayven Baily from second life decided she was going to blog about me..and without fail she never did stop...even though her posts were redundant...they were on going...they became abusive when i myself called her out on some allegations which she 'refused' to acknowledge... i felt as if i had made such an impact on this persons life...who could be so disturbed ?...i felt sorry for Rayven...but then the threats got more and more severe...everyone who saw these blogs saw that Rayven Baily was mentally unstable and needed to be relieved of her blog...which in the end happened for Rayven...she shot herself in the foot and had her blog that she spent years 'making' deleted...after such an ordeal i learned a valuable lesson...cyber bullying can be in some cases EXTREMELY dangerous...every day i thought to myself..what if she ends up at my front door with a butcher knife (trust me police had been informed about this lunatic prior to her blog being removed) ...i wish for me the story ended there...after her blogs were deleted...however...Rayven Baily is a sick sick old man...who will never truly stop until action is taken.

Out of everything...i learned to be resilient...i learned to let the bully burn themself out...but in my case Rayven was so enraged by the lack of response she got from me...she ended up 'killing' herself...sadly as i said the story there hasnt ended for me....but i know alot of people who are going through the same thing...which is why i am becoming and advocate against cyber bullying in second life....i hope my story inspires everyone to take a stand together against these sick twisted report sickos like Rayven Baily (who is still at large on second life) ...that rules shouldnt exclude abuse on 'blogs' or anywhere else bullying is bullying and everyone is responsible...i was left vunerable because no action was taken by Linden Labs...and i was constantly abused and harassed for over a month...i do not want others to go through the same ordeal....Rayven Bailys Blogs where removed but thats only half the battle won...she and others like her wont stop..until firmer laws are created.

if you are a victim of cyber bullying or if you agree with our cause then please make a donation to this REAL LIFE anti cyber bullying campaign

Monday, 17 October 2011

AleXo Productions: In da Club

AleXo Productions: In da Club: Starring: Alexandr Aho, Vanhelsing Svoboda, Harlee Fallen, Nastya Strzelecki, Mia Libertine, Meg Corral

LOL someones DESPERATE..

clearly this homo cant read english.....first they start making excuses for having a man alt...who are you trying to convince yourself ?....LOL

Oh and then she posts a convo with a shemale named Eche Riverview another f*****t who claims he isnt gay....gosh wonder why all these MEN care so much....

So explain to me how this look's like a 'self admission' clearly someone never attended high were probably playing SL...fucking yourself as Brady Neiro LOL

[23:54]  Eche Riverview: if I was a little faggot like you
[23:54]  Harlee Fallen: because i'm totally clowning u
[23:54] Eche Riverview: pretending to be a girl
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): LOL why
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): if i was a boy
[23:54] Eche Riverview: and pouring my heart out
[23:54] Eche Riverview: to a dude
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i'd be the baddest 'faggot'
[23:54] Eche Riverviewand seeing it pasted on a blog
[23:54] нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): around town

can you not see the giant if ?.....or the sarcasm or the inverted coma's?

for someone who in there free time (which is alot) blogs daily you sure dont know common english....sorry bitch yet again your FISHING AND YOU FAIL looks like someone needs to be hooked on phonics LOL

oh and again i know you were in  a fit of rage but....i said i have 40K &75k my inventory....i make more lindens in one month then you have in your entire SL 'career'...rofl...ANOTHER fail to explain to your shrink.....

 your grandmother called she said get off the internet ROFL RAYMOND!

heres's something else to laugh at...this bitches own blog shows how bat shit crazy she is this is the rambling of a lunatic....who CARES way to much about her second life.. LOL

Summary : in so many words Raymond admits how he needs help and how his Obsession and psychotic behaviour is only harming himself. Not only does he ramble on about how he is so 'talented' with his nooby 'videos' LOL but also about how he's SO sorry for being the shit stain on the 'porn' industry he is.

''After a good nights sleep I have this to say. Once again I'm being 100% straight up honest speaking from the heart.

I got into this because it looked like fun and for the most part. Recent events in which I have been part in and take responsibility for seems to have brought negative energy to the group the **The Pornstars**. I'm not going to lie... There is less talk less chatter in general.

I'm a creative person my nature and a very competitive one. The creative side of me is what drew me to this, but the competitive side has taken control of Rayven Baily and has lead to her destruction.  I'm very proud of my movies - I actually watched them all today -  and I can honestly say there isn't much I would change about them. Watching them, gave me a good sense at where I *once* was and how far I have fallen. I'm not proud of my recent actions. This is not me. An I have had a big part in destroying what I built. I only have myself to blame.

I wanted to make a change for the better. I wanted to make **The Pornstars** and SL Porn something more people could share in This is why I spoke up about taking that extra little effort into your movies. I guess I tried to make myself a martyr thinking I could change things for the better.. but taking a stance for quality turned into a personal battle with others.

I love creativity and creative people. I LOVE old architecture of buildings. I have taken everything Emanuelle Jamseson and others have worked hard to build and instead of making it better.. I have done the complete opposite. I have become a cancer.

The whole princess thing I do is a roleplay - I created it because I thought it would be fun and funny. Story goes like this. I worked with this cute little blonde girl years ago. We became friends and even fooled around a bit. She used to do the "princess" things.. but didn't say "here comes the princess" but did say she was a princess. Then after her and I fooled around well... she sort of got around. Managers, follow employees and customers... she eventually left to take another job thinking she was moving on to bigger an better things. Actually she went to work on a cruise ship but failed a physical and never got the job because she ended up picking up a STD. Though it was a roleplay... maybe in general I have become to much of a princess myself. 

I read that notecard Scooby sent out about our  private conversation and it was almost as if I have become someone I don't even recognize myself. I guess it was like looking into a mirror and seeing something you didn't exactly like. I'm not going to comment on why or how I got to that point, but all I can do it change. 

Finally - I want to personally say I'm sorry to Emanuelle who I can't say a bad thing about and I can only learn from and try to some day be as great as she is, though I have come to the conclusion that is impossible level to reach, but I can learn from. An I will start by shutting my mouth and observing her in all her greatness.

 I can only hope that in the eyes of some of you I can change your opinion of me ad gain your respect again. I wont ask for it that's too easy. I will work hard at trying to earn it back. 

An going back to my post about who is a "star". Am I a star? Let's just say this if this was real the only work I could find at this time would be on VH1 and dancing with the stars. (which that show title is pretty misleading)''

Another Fail For Rayman

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Return of the Troll - Rayven Baily

You already know....its beyond pathetic when someone says for the 2nd time there 'done' they 'want to move on'.....yet insist on bringing up more and more petty bullshit....clearly this fag isnt over me. But what can you expect from someone who has literally no life...not even a second LIFE....she even admitted i 'make' her famous ROFL...sad bitch

[2011/10/13 19:24]  Rayven Baily: If you are roleplaying that fine.. maybe I did believe that or maybe I wanted to believe that. personally i think this has gone too far
[2011/10/13 19:25]  Rayven Baily: I will take the flawlessblog down if you take stuff off your blog about me ok?
[2011/10/13 19:25]  Harlee Fallen: honestly this did go on way too long...we both have better shit to do
[2011/10/13 19:25]  Harlee Fallen: that seems fair enough
[2011/10/13 19:26]  Harlee Fallen: all these dick riders who lurk around will just have to get there show from somewhere else
[2011/10/13 19:26]  Rayven Baily: Ok - yea now i mostly stand around sl I get nothing done people IM me about this stuff.
[2011/10/13 19:26]  Harlee Fallen: Exactly

as you can see this loser has no credibility.....his 'word' means nothing.

Basically the same day i discovered Rayvens little secret about her man alt....i decided to i.m her....and pretty much laugh at how ironic she is (suprisingly i wasnt muted like she claims in every other post) we went at it for while and then we stopped maybe 10 mins later she me ...saying how she cant 'wait to read my post about her man avi' but being the classy bitch i am i told her i said 'look Raymond i'm not gonna post about you....wanna know why...because your not important enough' i guess this suprised Rayven ...and i would have kept to my word ...but why should i when this bitch cant keep hers? it wasnt even 24 hours before this LOSER had to mention my name again LOL

Like a psychopath every little thing sets them off no matter how small it is....recently what set her off is...the fact she got banned from the ghetto a few days ago apparently she thinks it was at my request.....the facts are....Duke Lenroy...being a total bitchass gossip queen (pretends he doesnt like drama yet thrives on it but that'll be a later post) this retard at his own discretion warning her not to blog about people from his ghetto....raymond being the obsessed loser he is assumes i sent Duke and blogs the next see your like an STD nobody wants you around.....true i brought you upto him...because well duh...i dont like you....theres a shock... no i didnt request for him to ban therefore your new...'issue' makes no sense just like everything you post.....(anything i said prior before our chat where i thought maybe you have the closure you so badly need which was like less then 8 hours ago anything i said was out of the sheer fact i dont like you.)

[2011/10/08 21:32]  Duke Lenroy: hi nigger slut
[2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe hello
[2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen runs her nails down her blonde extentions
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Duke Lenroy: here for all the nigger dick?
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: uqh totally
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: but looks like my stalker
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: just tpd in
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: so i'll be leaving
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: huh?
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: rayven baily
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: do you have her muted?
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: she's not saying anything at all in local...
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: for sure
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: like that never matters unfortunately...
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: well derender her if you want....she's not saying anything at all though
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: she hasnt blogged about me in a while
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: I don't know why you'd run from someone like that
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: so just forget it
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: have u seen her blog?
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: its dedicated to me
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: no I don't think I have
[2011/10/08 21:37]  Duke Lenroy: we could always get aurora and go up to my skybox for some fun
[2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe sounds fun but i'm logging soon anyway
[2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: gonna have to miss it
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: that's too bad
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: I was considering banning her
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Harlee Fallen: hehe gosh that would just end up making her crazy ass blog about me more

isnt he so perdictible?

your mad about the fact i dont like you i dont want you around? i dont say i didnt admit the fact 'i asked Duke to ban you'....well you were shown the convo, no where did i mention ''BAN HER'' he offered that service himself.....he didnt ban you on my behalf you retarded freak...he banned you because your a dumb asshole who needs to blog everything and anything that comes your way (apparently you dont know LOL another contradiction) this rate you'll NEVER move on if you keep going back to square one...duh...retard go back to your shrink looks like your gonna have to explain to them your newest episode.

like i said before your dead grandmother would be so ashamed of you.
sitting in your basement dressed in her clothes cyber stalking, cyber bullying, cyber fucking yourself LOL.....what a sad little person you are.


Rayven Baily EXPOSED

uqh...thought i was done with this fag named Rayven Baily.....guess not.

so few days ago one of my friends on SL i.m me like....btw....did you see what Raymond blogged....about you...and as you can imagine....after pulling that black dick from my mouth i was like...''who?''

so after being linked to that psychos blog....i couldnt help but laugh at all the contradictions in his post....from the top of my head...he was talking about how i was crying to sim owners about him and having him banned and blah blah....apparently i asked Duke Lenroy to have the bitch banned...well duh (maybe before i did)...i dont wanna see this every time i drop by a hangout.

but just to clarify i never asked him to i.m this uncle fester looking bitch and get into a conversation with him...that was his own perogative NOR did i personally ask him to ban her that day.

as far as i was concerned the bitch was just dropping by to stalk me as usual and i didnt wanna see it but since i was leaving it didnt matter she got banned the next day (because he couldnt keep his dick sucking mouth shut) and began blogging. 

Basically the same irrelevant shit he's been saying for the past MONTH.....rewording it and posting it again....guess someones running low on material....then the next day this bitch..makes a total random post about how i'm Jessica Ohmai.....welll sorry to burst your bubble Raymond thats not me...and neither is the other person....i dont know were exactly you get your facts that these regular bystanders who have no idea about this little E-Drama that you insist on recurring are actually my alts.....apparently your only proof is...because they use the words 'flawless....Basic Bitch....irrelevant....hoodrat''....basically words that people who are below the age of 40 use...on a daily basis wouldnt know about all that though would you..old man Rayven.

anyway heres another fun fact...i hang out at anaconda sometimes...and Rayven does too sometimes...but whenever i tp in...he seems to tp out and then comes his alt ...BRADY i said i dont give a shit about what you wanna be in you..i dont give a fuck loser...but you made this whole scene about the fact i made a male avi? obviously rayven would have denied this if it wasnt so horribly obvious....i mean there born on the same date...
 so you see this is what you call the definition of a 'contradiction' refuse to mic...still you have a male alt named make pornos with yourself because nobody else wants too......(unfortunately she deleted them all including the shemale pornos)

but heres a video with him and...well himself LOL

yes...i know i wonder how he can explain himself now? ''love your loved ones dont know how long you have left with them'' ROFL is that why your on SL day and night blogging about me? that what you were doing when your Gran died?!? LOL
even your male alt looks like a gay noob...
its sad that you'll never get over me Raymond...but i guess all this explains it pretty much....because your a NEED someone as a scapegoat so nobody suspects you.....well...sorry bitch you've been exposed....but yet again this was just so everyone saw that the very person blogging all this shit about me is actually a psychotic fruit loop in his dead grand mothers basement spazzing out on people he'd never meet in his life....because he wasnt born with a vagina.

while were at it here are some more of Raymonds Alts

[2011/10/26 23:52]  Amarkus Resident: (Saved Wed Oct 26 23:50:00 2011) Hello, remember me? I wasnt who you thought.I been around second life a long time. This here is an alt A friend of yours sent me to contact you. Actually, they hired me to do a few things for them, but they seem to have come up short on their part of the deal.  $$ They are threatening to put me on their blog if i dont agree with their terms. I can give you their facebook as I am friends with them on it  and maybe help you with that blog problem you have. Can you help me?

Dedarg Resident
Maryse Arcana (raymans minion aka IGOR)
Brady Neiro
Trixie Doghouse
Paparazzii Resident
Amarkus Resident
Forklift Resident
Amelia Xubersnak

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


"I love my haters cause they're my biggest fans"

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Little Info

1) Are you a sexual deviant?

Hehe..i'm just popular.

2) Would you kiss someone of the same gender?

For sure but she has to my standards and blonde

3) Would you let someone cum right on you face for $100.

As if what do i look like a prostitute? has to be atleast over a few grand gosh.

4) Would you pay to have sex with someone?

*gasps* Myself!

5) Would you accept money for sex?

Well duh....wouldnt you accept money if someone wanted to rent your porsche?

6) Do you know what a dirty sanchez is?

i'm going to assume its my Gardeners name.........

7) Have you ever done anal?

Mostly on wednesdays....

8) Whats the most disgusting/horrifying thing you have eaten?

Oh my one time..Juanita made this disgusting.....thing called a i told her what the fuck is this you stupid spic bitch....and she was like 'think of the people in africa' i'm like ew gross why would i want to think about diseased africans at dinner.....totally was put off.

9) Do you have dirty thoughts?

For Sure

10) Have you ever had a threesome?

Like for sure.. but i'm not a i said i'm just popular....

11) What kind of guys/girls do you go for? like obviously a guy with MONEY ... but this may come as a shock but...if your broke the only way i'd ever totally fuck you is....if your totally sexylicious and have juicy hard gorgeous dick...and and nasty mind....but that doesnt mean a total fuckin weirdo *rolls eyes*

12) Are these questions are lame?

For sure it took me like 1hour to answer these...true story

13) If you answered yes, post you own question and answer it.


14) Do you like turtles?

Can they be worn in clothing?

15) Have you ever worn your undergarments 2 days in a row?

Gosh no...i'm not a brunette.

16) Have you ever eaten your own vomit?

Yeah, usually when i gag on a cock i try and swallow the bile as quick as possible so i dont taste it.

17) Do you ever bow down to your enemies?

Uqh...i'm Harlee Fallen i dont bow down....but i do bend over hehehehe

18) Spit or swallow?

Gargle Blow Bubbles Then Swallow

19) Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Oh yes.

20) I’m glad this is over, aren’t you?

whats over?

Sunday, 2 October 2011