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Still Alive!

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Cat Fights

By Debora Stine

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Please, I'm Loaded.

Just Like Marilyn Monroe

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STALKED! - Latest Movie

I'd like to make a short message and say internet stalking is serious, even though my stalker RayMan Faily lost and was proven a liar a stalker and a man with absolutely NO LIFE (LMFAO) and is now (always was) basically a complete joke on SL, he continues going on constant jibbering rants to save face which nobody reads, believes or even acknowledges i'd like you all to know Harlee is still taking stand against cyber stalking for you all, this movie is to inspire everyone in the end you will always win as you can see i'm more popular then ever richer then ever and still better looking and always in the latest and i'm still here i win and its all thanks to my beloved fans  <33

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Rayven Baily EXPOSED yet again!

Yes ladies and gentlemen RayMan Faily has been exposed yet again by 'thatsorayven'
here i thought it wasnt possible for him to look like anymore of a low life!

dont worry RayMan i havent forgot about you trust me, its just people with ACTUAL lives dont need to state it on the internet every other blog post ROFL not everyone needs e-reassurance like your tranny ass we all know you sit and stare at my profile 24 hours a day, you even ADMIT it now thats what you call pathetic LOL.

'Her' only ever sugar daddy has exposed her for what she is....a MAN ...she wanted to bark so loud about others but like i said from the beginning Rayven Baily is the man here the one who cant even mic....nobodies asked for anything more (but i guess thats because nobody actual gives a fuck about rayMAn) i already exposed RayMan goes around multiple man avi's trying to get her pixel dick played with, also exposed RayMan refuses to get on mic and is the biggest internet stalker on the grid...but i guess what Alfie Silvershade has brought to light clarifies JUST why she cant get on mic blew everything else out the water! (would like to add all this information was obtained by thatsorayven but incase you missed it)!

[2011/07/25 12:03]  Rayven Baily: alfie lol come on
[2011/07/25 12:03]  Alfie Silvershade: rayven i cant be with you
[2011/07/25 12:03]  Alfie Silvershade: loana is my wife did you forget i am not single
[2011/07/25 12:05]  Rayven Baily: you pay me so why cant i be yours
[2011/07/25 12:05]  Alfie Silvershade: i pay you which means you are just a whore to me
[2011/07/25 12:06]  Rayven Baily: lol ok ill show loana all of our history
[2011/07/25 12:06]  Alfie Silvershade: she knows everything rayven

[2011/08/25 21:34]  Alfie Silvershade: rayven what you said you muted me

[2011/08/25 21:34]  Alfie Silvershade: now you are iming me
[2011/08/25 21:35]  Rayven Baily: i miss your money i want to mak things right
[2011/08/25 21:36]  Alfie Silvershade: lol no thanks
[2011/08/25 21:38]  Rayven Baily: tp me
[2011/08/25 21:39]  Alfie Silvershade: rayven i am with loana im busy
[2011/08/25 21:39]  Rayven Baily: lol you rather be with someone who lies to you and whores around
[2011/08/25 21:40]  Alfie Silvershade: lol i know what she does that is her business you cuss me out few days ago now you want to make up with me

[2011/08/28 14:59]  Rayven Baily: where are you going you dont have to leave because i am here

[2011/08/28 14:59]  Rayven Baily: alfie answer me
[2011/08/28 15:02]  Alfie Silvershade: nope not muted just ignoring you what do you need money or something if so dont look my way
[2011/08/28 15:02]  Rayven Baily: lol forget it you are such a asshole
[2011/08/28 15:02]  Alfie Silvershade: lol was that you
[2011/08/28 15:02]  Rayven Baily: what was me 
[2011/08/28 15:03]  Alfie Silvershade: your green marker came on above your head and i heard a man laughing
[2011/08/28 15:03]  Rayven Baily: lol yea ok i dont voice it wasnt me
[2011/08/28 15:04]  Alfie Silvershade: it was above your head lol your a man i heard it when your green indicator came on lol all the issues you cause me lol you are a man
[2011/08/28 15:05]  Rayven Baily: lol what are you on the harlee fallen train whats your point alfie it wasnt me you heard
[2011/08/28 15:05]  Alfie Silvershade: rayven it was your indicator lol its ok i wouldnt be shocked just leave me and loana alone and this stays between us
[2011/08/28 15:06]  Rayven Baily: whatever go head and whore your bitch out you are both loosers lol

P.S. looks like your all alone

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I only just realised i've almost hit 20,000 views in less then 6 months, so here's a special thank you <3

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New movie coming out soon! based on true events!

Exclusive Slut Magazine One on One!

By Fred Hegel


Height: 5' 5
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 36D-24-36
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Harlee Fallen is a woman of many talents. She is an adult entertainment superstar, a mainstream crossover hit and a successful businesswoman.

Arguably the most famous SL adult film star ever, Harlee Fallen has parlayed her good looks, stunning curves, natural talent, work ethic and keen business sense into a highly successful career. She has starred PLENTY of adult films, graced the pages of virtually every HOT men’s magazine Second Life, becoming a Pixel X Cover Girl and Slut mag Honey.


Hi, Harlee. how are you? How did you get started in the Industry?

Hiiii, i'm fabulous thanks, how are you? i actually started my adult debut in this movie directed by 'Ruff Brocco' in 2009 at that point everyone made pretty much the same kind of movies, i was friends with him for a long time prior so when he told me he was getting into it i thought it would be fun, i stopped mainly after that, till i was once again brought into the seedy dark world of SL adult entertainment! this time via Alexandr Aho whose work i totally appreciate and respect he's just an amazing SL artist i love his work! he's definately the person who got me back into it!

For those people who are not aware of you, how long have you been in the industry, and what have been your best moments so far?

I guess its only actually been about a few months now since i dont actually believe i was 'in' the industry back in 2009 i dont feel like there was much of an industry, just seedy clubs promoting dirty clips, its alot different now, i'd say my best moments so far have been winning pornographer of the year 2011 i dont know how that happened! but donating the winnings to Cyber Bullying was definately the best thing the best moment!

Your funniest moment in making an adult film?

Lol well its pretty funny making movies in general on second life because nobody is EVER organized no matter what they do its just not possible i cant pin point the funniest moments however theres definately been some 'awkward' moments and i'd just like to keep it at that HEHE!
Favorite mainstream actress?

UQH! i just love everything natalie portman is in, she can do no wrong!

Favorite mainstream actor?

Johnny Depp. He’s amazing in every role he’s in and he’s incredibly sexy!

What do you do in your downtime?

Smoke a little crack suckin a little dick, LOL no not really but in my downtime i guess i like to chill out with my friends catch up and party and bullshit, theres always something to do, i have alot of great friends in alot of different industries in SL so its a great thing to have when your bored also i love listening to music like hiphop and stuff!

So when it comes to music, you say your 1st love is hip hop? Who do you like?

I love Hip Hop! To be honest, probably 75% or 80 % of my iPod selection is hip hop. I’d have it at 100%, but I have to have other genres of music for feature dancing. I listen to Lil Wayne, Eminem, T.I., Ludacris, Jay-Z, Tupac, Kanye, Too $hort, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Dr. Dre, Notorious BIG.. I could go on and on.
How long have you been a hip hop head? Who did you grow up listening to?

I’ve loved hip hop since I can remember. It’s just part of my life. I turn to hip hop when I’m feeling down, I turn to hip hop when I’m feeling happy. When I was growing up I wasn’t big on 80’s rap, I did grow up listening to a lot of B.I.G., Public Enemy, N.W.A, etc. Some R&B as well, like Black Street and 112.

If you could pick a few rappers to do a scene with who would they be?

Lil Wayne and Eminem. I love them both! We can do a reverse Oreo cookie! LOL

Whats your favorite position?

I’d have to say missionary. It just hits that spot and I’m like “Daaaamn!". Although, I love all of them! Sex is amazing in any position!

Do you have any fetishes?

Fetishes hmm i just like the guy to get really kinky and take control, i love wearing heels during sex and i love nylons...also i really get turned on when i'm being used like a total sex doll its fun!

Let's say when you're in a relationship, how is the transition from being on the set at work.. and then at home? How do you separate the intimacy? or do you keep your work and your personal relationships both intimate?

On set, I let my “on screen" persona take over. Think of it as my alter ego going wild. I am definitely more hardcore at work. I'll do dirtier things (all in limit ofcourse) if need be and I perform with more aggression but with my partner i'm pretty much the same i know what he likes so i give him that i wouldnt say its much different from when i'm on cam.

If you could be 1 person for a day ( anyone) who would it be?

This is a tough question because I feel like it would vary from day to day. So today I’ll say I would want to be.....a successful fashion designer like minnu palen or something! lol but i'd probably get sick of it after a day...

What's next for you?

Well i've still to do my Pixel X shoot which will be fun, i have a few movies in the works with some fabulous ideas, i love giving my 'directors' and 'producers' advice on what i want to do in a movie and what the theme of 'this' particular movie should yea definately lots of stuff, and things always pop up out of the blue anyway so you'll see me here and there till i get bored! and fade away lol

Where can your fans see more of you?

I can be followed on Blogger Twitter at I post sexy pics on my Blogger &  twitter, so don’t miss out! xoxoxo

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Few weeks back i told you guys an exciting flawless sim was opening to cater to the ''Barbies'' of secondlife a utopia here's a sneak peak of whats to expect! and its only the beginning!

Barbie Girl Role Playing
Barbie Girl role playing is based around flawless, stunning very sexy avatars  who tend to be superficial, stuck-up, flawless, addicted to shopping, trendy, attention getters , flashy ,bimbo-ish, plastic , fashionable, and blonde. Barbies tend to like finer things and gravitate towards Rich Sugar Daddies, or Cucks and some engage in Financial Domination. They also enjoy Black Bulls, or Studs for non financial play.
Our city is based around Barbie RP however we are also home to those who do not wish to rp and just enjoy the Barbie Lifestyle.

Barbie Girls City Sim
Our Public Access RP and Hook-up sim is designed to promote Barbie or Bimbo RP and take it to the next Level.   Based on Miami South Beach and Sunset Strip L.A.

It Includes:

SLs only true club devoted to the Barbie Lifestyle more of a lounge than dance club , it’s the perfect place to see Sl’s best Barbie girls under one roof mixing with SL’s top bulls, studs and daddys. Featuring its own Barbie Soundtrack with scripted furniture it is the only place to hang for Sl’s elite

Clevelander Hotel
Based on the RL hotel and bar at Miami Beach the SL Clevelander is the perfect location for Barbies to hang and to have private encounters with hook-ups . With spacious suites for encounters scripted with sex engines The Clevelander is the only way true Barbies would ever hook up

Rodeo Drive
The finest Barbie connected stores and shops along our famous Rodeo Drive, see or be seen Rodeo Drive is the a major shopping stop for any well connected Barbie in SL.

I'll be sure to let you guys know when the sim goes live <333

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Number One Fan!

 He's not mad he's not upset! he's dedicating a video to me, officially my number one fan! maybe he'll use his voice and prove he isnt a man! thought he didnt have time for me?! guess he does after all! LMFAO alot....alot of time...RayMan the fact your still dodging the question WHY CANT YOU GET ON MIC?! only makes you look more and more guilty, still trying to figure out the relevance of anything you've said in the past week but you still havent gotten on mic, i even spoke to your minion on mic today when are you gonna stop i.ming & stalking me on alts (lowkee resident & trixie doghouse added to list of RayMans alts) and get on mic!?

Your blog got a whole 100 views in 3 days...apparently 30 were mine and i'm sure the rest were probably yourself since you've been on my blog 47 times...gosh guess nobody actually gives a shit not even i can be bothered to see what your jibbering about anymore since its so predictable.....once i drop what i'm gonna drop everything you've ever posted will be irrelevant...sorry to disappoint your whole 3 readers and probably once its out there wont be much point giving you all this attention so enjoy it while you can RayMan...i'd just like to take this moment to remind everyone!

so click those sites at risk of having your RL info stolen.

Stay Schemin'

Hey loves i've been gettin side tracked lately but i'll be back to work soon promise!

“I’m from from a city where respect don’t come from currency.
And I don’t want to hear what you gon’ do.
What you done currently?
Fifteen left home to get my money right.
All I knew was hustle, bi**h.
You see what my money like?
But I can still smell them potent broke memories.
Guess that’s how God kept me grounded like, ‘Remember these?’”

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ATTENTION Rayven Baily's Blogs Have I.P trackers!


This is what he can see this pic is from google images!

These meters can both been seen at the bottom of the blog pages!


Thoughts Of The Rich & Famous -Harlee Fallen

By Hadès

Do you love the new pictures? arent they just absolutely FAB! hehehe, the photographer is a new instant fave & i'll prob be doing more work with him, he called me his new muse <33 uqh....those french men sure know how to treat a lady.
ALOT of people ask me 'Harlee why are you so popular? how can i strive to gain the same attention you get?' i always respond the same way....'Its not who you know, its who you blow!' LOLOL in SL theres only really 2 ways to make money....make things or make things happen.....the first one is pretty clear but let me go into what i mean by 'make things happen' need to see a market...a 'genre' if you will and you need to pay need to see everything and everyone involved...once you properly analyse the good from the bad you come out with something BETTER, Some call me a revolutionary...others 'fraud' either way...what i provide is a fantasy i cant force anyone to come and pay attention to me...they do it because they want to, for some i am THERE virtual fantasy...others not so much, I come across cocky and conceited but what exactly am i saying that doesnt speak for itself? you know my name correct? thats why your here...on my could be through a variety of things....scandal....word of mouth...someones work that i've been featured in, photography, videos....those who know Harlee know everything that needs to be known...for those who want to know''Harlee'' the 'PornStar' i have provided my own web fan base, it can be good, bad either way theres no denying my SLelebrity, does that piss some people off? i care? not really, if you love me i'm with you, but if you hate me fuck it! 
In the world i live in, theres always glitz and glamour and sometimes tragedy aswell, but at the end of the day its MY second life, what i choose to do with it really shouldnt concern anyone else...the scandal the stories the gossip i accept at the end of the day theres always a price to pay for being ultra i have to prove anything to anyone? nope...does anyone have to prove anything to anyone nope, SL can be a fun world aswell so many vast opportunities a great way to meet all kinds of people, maybe even people who you wouldnt in a million years associate with in RL if your going to judge a book by its cover then SL can be a pretty sad lonely place for you....i personally like to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life, being as high profile as i am unfortunately doesnt give me alot of time to respond to every single person who wants to talk to me, but i always acknowledge them regardless...People are usually suprised when they speak to me...they instantly assume oh...she's going to be a major bitch, when infact i'm maybe the complete thing is for sure i take no bullshit and i am blunt but i'm always polite until i'm forced otherwise.
My fans are really amazing, they are willing to do so much for someone they know so little about i do appreciate them all and love them all dearly its so humbling 
Making money on SL isnt as difficult as people make it out to be....its probably the easiest thing in the world....if you really tried...i wish i could give all my secrets away who knows maybe i will one day when i release my memoirs hehe, just remember everything i do in SL i do it for the fun and excitement, what keeps me doing what i do....probably the money....probably my fans but like all good things they come to and end, but dont worry theres still a while for all that! Harlee Fallen isnt going anywhere any time soon. ;)