Monday, 26 December 2011


I want to thank all my FANS who voted for me i couldnt have done it without you! unlike some other useless incest loving russian freak (VanHelsing Svoboda i.e Ruff Brocco wannabe) who needs to change his proxy 1000 times to win a pixel contest LOL....after laughing at his open letter to jumpman lane or trying to atleast prove he wasnt cheating through the illiteracy all i can say is umad LOOOL?!?!

Alot of people are going to be upset i won...and either way i could give a shit i know i won fairly the judge Jumpman Lane knows i won fairly and my fans know i won fairly so thank you to all of you... but anyway i'd like to take this moment to congratulate all the other winners for there hard work and effort  and love you put into your 'craft' but at the end of the day we do this all for fun and entertainment so we should take it for what it is and not make such a fuss.. none of us a pornstars or porn directors...why did i win? its no surprise i was a controverstial contestant from day one ...but ironically thats what gave me my popularity alot of people voted for me so i want to thank them all once again for taking the time vote it was all worth it in the end!
Also like i said i'm going to be donating my winnings to the stopcyberbullying foundation because first of all i didnt do this for the money I was chosen to participate as was everyone else in the contest for the rest your all just going to have to wait till my exclusive interview with Pixel X Magazine! <33

Love Harlee x 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Allegations..... and oh its almost Christmas!

So i come online today to find i was in the virtual headlines ....again LOL... click below.

This time apparently i am accused of having the Pixel X Awards rigged oh and people are still pasting those modified convo's around to ...slander me? really its been 6 months  .....ok let me address this  article for a moment...first of all i just want too say that most people chosen to take part in this contest including myself were -CHOSEN- by Pixel X scouts i know that the other contestants know that and now you know that...i didnt put myself forth for it i didnt even know i was in it till after a few days the votings went live...i had never met Jumpman Lane nor did i ever think i would win this contest (bare in mind theres still a couple days to go)..i appreciate his support ofcourse and he is a big name with ALOT of followers so i'm glad people know the truth..but instead of all the negativity i hope people just enjoy the entertainment i provide via my pornography <33

Its funny to me the same people claiming the contest is rigged have been cheating themselves I.E Vanhelsing Svoboda...the evidence is pretty much there if Jumpman Lane wanted to show it he would basically post a screen shot of the same i.p address voting over and over for his categories...but anywho...looks like his little bitch fit

I just wanna say if any of 'us' in this 'industry' think were real pornstars and real porn directors...we need to get the fuck off the internet immediately...none of us are, were just characters in a giant soap opera...I get it i'm controvestial, people are 'upset' that i'm winning pornographer of the year when i dont 'make' my own movies i just star in them....i'm going to cover that in my exclusive interview if i win :))...the past 6 months has been 'Harlee This Harlee That' and I appreciate all the love and support i've gotten from friends and fans like i said i had no aspect of winning this SL Contest i'm just here for FUN!...did i want to win? ofcourse did i do a little campaign...sure isnt that the point? but at the end of the day its the PEOPLES choice there voting for whoever THEY want to win..and if i do win i'm going to be donating my winnings to a foundation very dear to my heart Online Bullying  

Its such a shame people cant seem to get over retarded SL gossip ...just because they see that i'm still around that there hate campaigns failed and i pretty much have more people supporting me then hating me, it seems like a hard pill to swallow either way its been 6 months people need to get over the saltyness and embrace the positivity....bottom line is i'm not going anywhere and i'm not gonna stop being 'Harlee Fallen'
its almost a new year...if i had anything to hide or be ashamed of i would have left or started a new name by now its just all funny to me those who need to know me know me and for the rest i provide my character to enjoy theres been more then enough times i've addressed all the bullshit spewed about me and those will be the only times i ever feel the need to say anything about it again <33 like i say STOP WATCHING THE NEWS AND READ THE PRESS BITCHES

anyway besides that mess its almost Christmassssssss!
I for one totally love christmas i love winter in general its my fave season hehe so heres what you've all totally been waiting for my Xmas Card <33

oh and feel free to drop all my xmas presents into my profile box hehehe <33

and make sure you catch my exclusive interview with Pixel X Magazine you wont wanna miss what i have to say <33

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sticky Fingers + Eboobs Lolas = Happy Bimbo

Oh em gee finally another fab store jumpin on the prim boob applier train...the other day Owner of Sticky fingers me and told me exclusively that she was totally making clothes for prim boobs like lola and eboobs obviously i'm super happy about this as will other girls who love shopping but find it very limited because of there prim boobs, this amazing sexy outfit was Sticky Fingers latest release and its super sexy and cute backless and only the first time she's made something for these type of breasts i cant wait to see more from Chanel Adored keep an eye open for her store girls <33

oh and i'll be sure to blog more new outfits a little something new i'm trying <3

Girlicious - Like Me

Monday, 12 December 2011

Clearly Not Enough Room For 2 Blondes.

Hello everyone thought i was done with this drama shit....unfortunately not my hands been pushed by this ugly ass wannabe Harlee Fallen whore...'Curse Ixtar' whose fucking my sloppy seconds as you all have come to know as 'Maximus Doesburg' (she's just his type...desperate lame tacky and trying to look like Harlee and failing)....first of all let me tell you about this drag looking bitch....the word around town is she is 'trying' to copy my avatar know tits jewellery shape etc...thats about all i know about this bitch...i've never spoken to her i've never acknowledged her despite being a Harlee Clone.......usually i wouldnt bother with peasants but lets look at why she's being blogged about.

So i log on today and read this 'group message' from a group called '2 blondes in second life'

''We have decided to do a voice Verified to all Barbies and hungs  in the group , better to have a safe group for the hung men and barbie's, something just to insure them that the women behind that Barbie and men behind that  hung, if u are  in deed 100% man or women. U Will be quick just a hello will do and i will move on to the next girl or guy  and them who have been Verified will be safe, those that refuse will be kicked from the group,I will be doing the guys  and curse will do the females  . ''

first of all this is grossly against peoples privacy rights and if you wanted to voice verify people it should have been stated to people before inviting them YOURSELF ....but no matter while talking to christion sparta i figured i'd voice verify..

so you see i was voice verified....and added to the voice verification group.
ok so thats that....or so i thought....few hours later i get an i.m from christion...

[20:41]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): harlee
[20:42]  Harlee Fallen: like yes
[20:42]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): look hit curse voice wit her please
[20:42]  Harlee Fallen: uhm why
[20:42]  Harlee Fallen: i already did it
[20:43]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): i gettin a headache deallin wit this shyt
[20:43]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): they sayin u got someone to do it
[20:43]  Harlee Fallen: LMFAO oh wow

first of all i knew these ugly bitches would be oh so shocked and surprised and ofcourse upset...oh my gosh the rumors arent true? she can mic....i told christion if the bitch has a problem tell her to i.m me.....heres what i get...

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[20:59]  F O R B I D D E N - F R U I T  (curse.ixtar): You have been ejected from '2 Blondes In Second Life - Verified' by Curse Ixtar.
[20:59]  Harlee Fallen: lol really bum bitch
[20:59]  Harlee Fallen: like ew, are u that mad sweety?
[21:00]  F O R B I D D E N - F R U I T  (curse.ixtar): Not mad i just know your not a female - nice try tho hun .. and keep your insults to yourself ..
[21:00]  Harlee Fallen: you 'know' i'm not a female, your a wannabe huni everyone says your my clone and FYI i got on mic for christion dont be mad
[21:01]  Harlee Fallen: how do u know i'm not a female
[21:01]  Harlee Fallen: because you saw a few chats from my ex boyfriend?
[21:02]  F O R B I D D E N - F R U I T  (curse.ixtar): LOL yes just be a bit more honest .. and trust me hun im not some guy trying to make out im a women .. its all me baby and i will cam just to prove that .. but lets just leave it there - i know the shit you have put on Max .. and you should really grow up
[21:02]  F O R B I D D E N - F R U I T  (curse.ixtar): oh yeah
[21:02]  F O R B I D D E N - F R U I T  (curse.ixtar): and muted
[21:02]  Harlee Fallen: sweety just because your sucking my sloppy seconds dick doesnt mean you know me, you should be more original and think for your self
[21:02]  Harlee Fallen: ugly whore.

LMFAOOOO so this bum bitch....basically ejected me from this nonsensical group that nobody has to do anything for since there not getting anything out of it....yet i took time out of my life and still did what was asked and even voiced for the other manager so thats 2 official why you mad and i need to grow up? because your blowing my sloppy seconds? so why verify if your gonna pick and choose who can be in the cant stand that a REAL barbie is in there? see this is a basic bitch..she doesnt know me...all she knows is i'm gorgeous original and sexy and men want she tried to be just like me i dont have to be in that group bitch i have groups dedicated to ME...again here are 2 of the managers confirming they spoke to a female when calling me on SL in a group conference.

[21:34]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): I TALKED TO A GIRL
[21:34]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): AERY TALKED TO A GIRL
[21:34]  ʚ JoJo ɞ (joelle.oppewall): and
[21:34]  ʚ JoJo ɞ (joelle.oppewall): could be anyone
[21:34]  Trig Northman: if those in charge say she is legit, you go with it. If you dont like it, you can mute. Its a pretty simple process
[21:35]  Harlee Fallen: so whats to say any of these girls getting on mic is really them?
[21:35]  Harlee Fallen: i'm being alienated because my loser ex cant get over me?
[21:35]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): I DIDNT MAKE THESE RULES
[21:35]  ÅLL ÃMERIĈAN βADBOY (christion.sparta): IM JUST PUSHIN THEM
[21:35]  ℜץη Tαץιor (aerynne): look, it was a chick on the other end. We're not private investigators and we really dont care that fucking much. Let it go. If you have a problem with how we run things in this group, you are more than welcome to leave.

so why cant my clone accept this? guess your gonna have to ask her for yourself....the reason i'm putting this sad whore on blast is because clearly this bitch is in the wrong but cant accept she was
i'm sure this lame lived and breathed at the thought Harlee Fallen was a man in RL...there excuse is i have someone sitting with me in rl all the talk for me...LOL whats the point in voice verifying anyone? cant they just 'get someone to talk for them' when you pick and decide to do a voice test on residents as if your running some shit when your nothing but a peasant a wanna be  and a tacky why does anyone need to prove anything to you? what exactly do you contribute to the group? besides sucking dick? lol nothing exactly your nothing your a bum your friend joelle is a bum your tacky and she's garbage and ass must taste really good on maximus's dick since these ugly bitches keep coming to me to get roasted..hehehe!

here she is in sl -
this is her in rl -


so enclosing ...girls...this bum bitch is a lame and a clone ...a wannabe at have nothing to prove to this bitch none of us do...she's an SL dick sucker...and thats the only relevance she'll ever continue being mad bitch you'll never be me.

a convo i had prior to the 'altercation' (as you can see the times) with a female friend

[2011/12/12 17:26]  Harlee Fallen: lmfao
[2011/12/12 17:26]  Harlee Fallen: alot of these btiches
[2011/12/12 17:26]  Harlee Fallen: are gonna be so mad
[2011/12/12 17:27]  Harlee Fallen: i'm in it
[2011/12/12 17:29]  ***********: yes lol
[2011/12/12 17:29]  ***********: they will say wtf i thought she was a man hahhaha assholes
[2011/12/12 17:30]  Harlee Fallen: i'm sure that was one of the reasons
[2011/12/12 17:30]  Harlee Fallen: they done it
[2011/12/12 17:32]  ***********: u think
[2011/12/12 17:33]  ***********: curse was doing it because of u
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: i have no idea
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: never met her
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: but
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: like
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: i just get the feeling
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: because if u ever saw her
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: she looks like a generic version of me
[2011/12/12 17:33]  ***********: yes she does
[2011/12/12 17:33]  Harlee Fallen: and its always the ones who try and look like me
[2011/12/12 17:34]  Harlee Fallen: they have the most shit to say

I Mean I'm Winning But I'm Still Bored.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Unlimited Fucking - Harlee Fallen

Hey everyone its been a while since my last movie, but i'm back with my nastiest scenes ever in my latest movie, by my fave director on SL Alexandr Aho!.....Check out this sordid session muahs <33

best female model of the year
best pornographer of the year <33
thank you all for your support and votes mwah x click above link

Thursday, 8 December 2011

New Sim Coming Soon!

Oh em gee hi everyone totally fab new sim opening and yours truly will have the keys to the kingdom <33 stay tuned i'll post more soon with deets its going to be amazing but who will be invited and who wont be?! <3