Saturday, 21 January 2012


Few weeks back i told you guys an exciting flawless sim was opening to cater to the ''Barbies'' of secondlife a utopia here's a sneak peak of whats to expect! and its only the beginning!

Barbie Girl Role Playing
Barbie Girl role playing is based around flawless, stunning very sexy avatars  who tend to be superficial, stuck-up, flawless, addicted to shopping, trendy, attention getters , flashy ,bimbo-ish, plastic , fashionable, and blonde. Barbies tend to like finer things and gravitate towards Rich Sugar Daddies, or Cucks and some engage in Financial Domination. They also enjoy Black Bulls, or Studs for non financial play.
Our city is based around Barbie RP however we are also home to those who do not wish to rp and just enjoy the Barbie Lifestyle.

Barbie Girls City Sim
Our Public Access RP and Hook-up sim is designed to promote Barbie or Bimbo RP and take it to the next Level.   Based on Miami South Beach and Sunset Strip L.A.

It Includes:

SLs only true club devoted to the Barbie Lifestyle more of a lounge than dance club , it’s the perfect place to see Sl’s best Barbie girls under one roof mixing with SL’s top bulls, studs and daddys. Featuring its own Barbie Soundtrack with scripted furniture it is the only place to hang for Sl’s elite

Clevelander Hotel
Based on the RL hotel and bar at Miami Beach the SL Clevelander is the perfect location for Barbies to hang and to have private encounters with hook-ups . With spacious suites for encounters scripted with sex engines The Clevelander is the only way true Barbies would ever hook up

Rodeo Drive
The finest Barbie connected stores and shops along our famous Rodeo Drive, see or be seen Rodeo Drive is the a major shopping stop for any well connected Barbie in SL.

I'll be sure to let you guys know when the sim goes live <333


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