Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is a major issue and can be completely ignored by people, some may think 'oh its stupid its not physical its not harming anyone', well actually thats is harming someone the person who is being harassed.

I can speak from experience. Hi my name is Harlee and i am a victim of cyber me cyber bullies are extremely insecure people who sit on there P.C's every single day and torment people who they cant accept living happy lives they pick on these people because of the LACK of affection in there own lives sure they'll argue its just for 'fun' but if someone goes to 'those' lengths..then we have an issue...In the end people can be bullied for just about anything...there race religion sexual orientation creed..color of there hair ...being to pretty...being not pretty enough...doesnt matter... In the end its wrong there is no excuse for it, it shouldnt matter what another person (resident) chooses to do with there time on a virtual game unless it is harming someone else...if it isnt harming anyone then it is not of anyone elses concern (i never made the best choices...but nobody has the right to judge me or others in my position)...i am going to share with you my story about my ordeal...with a serial stalker/sociopath named RAYVEN BAILY on a game called Second Life.

Second life for those of you who dont know is a virtual reality game which has been created by its residents...every progress made from the appearance of an avatar to the movements were made by a second life this 'game' i learned many skills...from making clothes for my animations to texturing in general...along my journey i made ALOT of friends...and i also met alot of not so nice people...i.e Rayven

My ordeal began mid june i had gone through a break up with my second life boyfriend...nothing major just fell out of touch and decided to move on...unfortunately thats not how my ex boyfriend felt...he didnt want to let 'it' just he started vicious and false rumors about me..second life maybe vast but when your part of a particular community word travels like WILD FIRE...but being to busy in RL...i wasnt to concerned...till one day i was traveling around SL enjoy myself...i was i.m'd a person named 'Rayven Baily' ...i had once before had a conversation with this person...and it wasnt pleasant...Rayven had assumed i was someone else and sadly went on and on trying extra hard to prove to 'people' she wasnt wrong...but ofcourse she was...she apologized and moved on...or so i thought...when she me again...instantly she was extremely rude...addressing the rumors. i politely told her i wasnt interested in speaking with her about something i felt was irrelevant and...i guess Rayven being the troll he/she is couldnt move on...apparently because our 'last convo' which was january or febuary prior to our next convo which was mid september...she had decided that i was too much of a 'cunt' to let it go...even though from the space of january till september i had forgotten this 'person' existed....
So the next day i recieve an i.m from a friend telling me i have been 'blogged'...i was extremely suprised and the length Rayven was going to make his 'point'...and from that day ...the '12th of september' my horror began....every day after that point...Rayven Baily from second life decided she was going to blog about me..and without fail she never did stop...even though her posts were redundant...they were on going...they became abusive when i myself called her out on some allegations which she 'refused' to acknowledge... i felt as if i had made such an impact on this persons life...who could be so disturbed ?...i felt sorry for Rayven...but then the threats got more and more severe...everyone who saw these blogs saw that Rayven Baily was mentally unstable and needed to be relieved of her blog...which in the end happened for Rayven...she shot herself in the foot and had her blog that she spent years 'making' deleted...after such an ordeal i learned a valuable lesson...cyber bullying can be in some cases EXTREMELY dangerous...every day i thought to myself..what if she ends up at my front door with a butcher knife (trust me police had been informed about this lunatic prior to her blog being removed) ...i wish for me the story ended there...after her blogs were deleted...however...Rayven Baily is a sick sick old man...who will never truly stop until action is taken.

Out of everything...i learned to be resilient...i learned to let the bully burn themself out...but in my case Rayven was so enraged by the lack of response she got from me...she ended up 'killing' herself...sadly as i said the story there hasnt ended for me....but i know alot of people who are going through the same thing...which is why i am becoming and advocate against cyber bullying in second life....i hope my story inspires everyone to take a stand together against these sick twisted report sickos like Rayven Baily (who is still at large on second life) ...that rules shouldnt exclude abuse on 'blogs' or anywhere else bullying is bullying and everyone is responsible...i was left vunerable because no action was taken by Linden Labs...and i was constantly abused and harassed for over a month...i do not want others to go through the same ordeal....Rayven Bailys Blogs where removed but thats only half the battle won...she and others like her wont stop..until firmer laws are created.

if you are a victim of cyber bullying or if you agree with our cause then please make a donation to this REAL LIFE anti cyber bullying campaign


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