Saturday, 22 October 2011

Copy Botters Alert!

Uqh i just cant stand copy botters, there like the bottom of the barrell worse then anything else on SL (yes even psychotic internet stalkers such as Rayven Baily) few months ago i was the victim of copy botting and the person who botted me did infact get Banned...and who ratted them out ? there friend...

heres the confession...

[2011/09/13 08:51]  Harlee Fallen: lol your a fucking retard bitch...say bye bye to you main...thieving bitches like you never last on SL.
[2011/09/13 08:51]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/09/13 10:24]  KaraLee Aeon: good morning harlee
[2011/09/13 10:24]  KaraLee Aeon: a friend of cakes and i did infact take your avi I think
[2011/09/13 10:24]  Harlee Fallen: oh...and why did you do that?
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: I didn't it.
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: and talking to the dumb ass he can not log on
[2011/09/13 10:25]  Harlee Fallen: so he was banned?
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: I believe so
[2011/09/13 10:25]  KaraLee Aeon: and I am not seeing a harlee folding in my inventory
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: Lindens have worked their magic
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: i am - a hitler outfit also
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: same cat

[2011/09/13 10:26]  Harlee Fallen: if so why is the name still in search
[2011/09/13 10:26]  KaraLee Aeon: he has shit tons of alts
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: so whats the main
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: you know,
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: I would be a total cunt for giving that out.
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: well people are gonna think its you
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: are you gonna post this all over flickr too
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: if you dont
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: yes i am but atleast its gonna clear your name
[2011/09/13 10:27]  Harlee Fallen: if your infact not soundlyawake
[2011/09/13 10:27]  KaraLee Aeon: i don't care what people think
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: its sl
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: if it was me i would be banned
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: you still had botted merchandise
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: a bodyco skin
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: cakes was freakin out
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: she didn't do shit lol
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: well why did she accept it
[2011/09/13 10:28]  Harlee Fallen: and why did he bot me in the first place?
[2011/09/13 10:28]  KaraLee Aeon: idk. we were making a shape to look alike
[2011/09/13 10:29]  KaraLee Aeon: like a week ago
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: so you asked him to bot me
[2011/09/13 10:29]  KaraLee Aeon: hell no
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: ok so obviously he knew me somehow
[2011/09/13 10:29]  KaraLee Aeon: he is a stupid ass
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: and i saw cupcake in my avi
[2011/09/13 10:29]  Harlee Fallen: so tell me what his main account is
[2011/09/13 10:30]  Harlee Fallen: and i'll take your name
[2011/09/13 10:30]  Harlee Fallen: out of it
[2011/09/13 10:30]  KaraLee Aeon: his name is carson
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: carson what
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: please remove my name and her name if i give you the last name
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: i mean he will know i think but its not like he is commin back right?
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: idk how that shit works
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: he's banned for copy botting
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: thats his computer
[2011/09/13 10:31]  Harlee Fallen: banned
[2011/09/13 10:31]  KaraLee Aeon: Carson Easterling
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: no alts no new names
[2011/09/13 10:32]  KaraLee Aeon: thats his main
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: his names not in search
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: are u sure
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: thats it
[2011/09/13 10:32]  KaraLee Aeon: there is his calling card
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: it just takes me to your
[2011/09/13 10:32]  Harlee Fallen: profile
[2011/09/13 10:33]  KaraLee Aeon: i sent it again
[2011/09/13 10:33]  KaraLee Aeon: i know his dumb as a long time

[2011/09/13 10:34]  KaraLee Aeon: bitch i would let you log in my shit. I am ligit. anything that came from him is now gone.
[2011/09/13 10:35]  KaraLee Aeon: anyways i gotta run. off to irl work
[2011/09/13 10:35]  KaraLee Aeon: if you wanna talk some more later im me.
[2011/09/13 10:42]  KaraLee Aeon: flikr still got that big sign callin cakes a botter
[2011/09/13 10:42]  KaraLee Aeon: well me
[2011/09/13 10:50]  Harlee Fallen: so has cupcake been banned

so as you can see she clearly admits her 'friend' botted me and passed out my shape aswell as a bodyco skin and a catwa hair to CUPCAKE KHAOS  & her  KARALEE AEON....

she claims lindens deleted it but...i dont believe that...and to me there just as bad as copy botters so watch your shit around these broke losers and make sure you inspect them and report them straight away. 

Also from this point on consider everything RAYVEN FAILey says as a sympton of her BUTTHURT SYNDROME.gosh blogging 2am in the morning must be serious business! know what they say birds of a feather flock together! FYI only middle aged men think the term 'winning' is cool and that was last year </3


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