Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mic Up or Shut Up & Rags For Rayven!

So it seems RayMan  Faily is going on yet another jibbering rant about the same old shit, oh no! i guess that means poor Raymans stuck on his p.c stalking my log in and outs for another 6 months using AVATAR INDICATOR a little hud that seems to tell people when someone has come online and gone offline and can be purchased for a whole 99l, heres a little description from one of these hud thingies
Tired of logging out and missing your partner by minutes? Got a crush who doesn't know your name, but you never know when they'll be online?''
thats not stalkerish at all, poor little RayMan is in denial, he thinks everyone in the world has issues but him! everyone who isnt with him is against him or ofcourse the usual line 'your harlee's alt'' and he cant stand that! every blonde haired girl is a whore! WOMEN ARE NOT FOR DECORATION! ....He has to be the one with the last word because second life were he is a complete NON FACTOR is just THAT important to him, i've said it over and over WHY DONT YOU GET ON MIC RAYVEN BAILY? to me that seems like a pretty easy and straight forward request......takes one little keystroke he is SO quick to call others 'men' shouldnt HE atleast prove he isnt one himself? i think that is more then acceptable its not like i'm asking you to get on cam or pop your booty on skype....when you see this disturbed piece of trash make sure thats the first thing you ask him LOL especially if he starts one of his little episodes.

I feel bad for Rayven Baily still i really do, i tried to help him threw what is obviously some kind of deep rooted issue, maybe he was molested as a child in disney world or something which is why he thinks he is some kind of Disney princess on second life, at the end of the day to me out of everything that seems to be the most disturbing thing! over at >>>THATSORAYVEN<<< made by someone fab honest and truthful who poor little RayMan thinks is his friend ROFL you can read all about Rayven Baily and the type of person he really is, for all 3 of you who actually care WORD on the street is Rayven is so MAD ass hurt about that blog she is too scared to even address it!....being the polite classy individual i am i tried to be the bigger person and forgive this peasant for his trespasses, i felt bad for him i knew he had absolutely no friends, he had no purpose on SL even his only friend in the world Tacky Chan seems to have found a life (which i highly doubt) with some DJ and deserted that embaressment.....good for you...finally you found a baby daddy to support your litter maybe finally you can stop eating dog fried rice and quit your job as an escort on SL for gas money lmfao! can only hope that RayMan finds the same kind of 'happiness' in his SL instead of standing days on end staring at Harlee Fallens profile in sheer hatred which eats at his soul every day....hatred from envy that he'll never ever be SL famous, he'll be forever alone and forever Harlee Fallens stalker...

It seems to me for someone who 'doesnt' wanna talk to me he wants to go on and on in his little rant on my latest movie pop star malfunction which can be found Here! from the comments you'll see that poor RayMan is screaming so loud for ANYONE to agree with him when in the end nobody really actually gives a shit (apart from the 2 names her made up datone69 & youngNhung). poor Rayven is so thirsty and jealous she's going to my video every day to masturbate furiously cry then rate it a one....over and over (since we all know she was exposed for doing so in the Pixel X Awards probably how she even gets any views in her shitty blog aswell)

The desperation is pretty wanted to mute me inworld but you insist on going back and forth on MY video? yikes i dunno looks like someones trying to hard to convince people there not full of shit but like glass they see right threw i already said everything you say seems redundant when you cant even get on mic yet i can....your excuse is i didnt take a picture for you with a sign (which i did already) and why i havent provided the transcript between me and max again already done that! it can be seen here on >>>JUMPMAN LANES BLOG<<<then you even go on to say i didnt mic with Tacky Chan ....i'm not sure how you would process a random call...(well actually i do) but it seems to be a natural instinct for me (being a SLEBrity) to instantly ignore peasants especially the ugly ones....but i do and can talk with people on my list when i feel like it and when its 'needed' like for example when i was asked to be VERIFIED in the 2 blondes group....the post is on >>>MY blog!<<< even the girl who caused SUCH a big scene about it admits i'm a female now and how she was wrong after EVERYTHING i said about her LOL, because she's not as sad and desperate for attention as you are, since me and her are both WOMEN, we can afford to laugh at psycho chicks with dicks! like you and your claims.

[2012/01/01 20:15]  Curse Ixtar: Oh yeah fyi .. i know its not you
[2012/01/01 20:15]  Curse Ixtar: whos the cunt .. i should had listened ..
[2012/01/01 20:15]  Curse Ixtar: and i belev your a chick
[2012/01/01 20:15]  Curse Ixtar: Max is the fuckwit ..
[2012/01/01 20:15]  Curse Ixtar: just to let you know
[2012/01/01 20:15]  Harlee Fallen: oh and how did u come to that sudden realisation
[2012/01/01 20:16]  Curse Ixtar: lets just say Max fucked me over too
[2012/01/01 20:16]  Curse Ixtar: so im not trusting shit hes sayin
[2012/01/01 20:16]  Harlee Fallen: how did he fuck u over
[2012/01/01 20:17]  Curse Ixtar: that shit .. you don't need to know . But just so you know ? i will put it right with the people who talked shit .. fuck i don't even care what you do .. i dont even know you , im just going by what i have been told and what i seen since concord .. I had max's back .. but yeah i see shit different now
[2012/01/01 20:18]  Harlee Fallen: lol

you claimed you worked for a voice escort should be pretty easy for you to hop on mic at cumhouse you once claimed if you ever did i would LOOOK SO SO STUPID!!!! why havent you done so yet?! thought you were going to laugh me off SL! from what i've seen i'm more popular then ever and your still a nobody! who talks about a somebody LOLOLOLOLOL

Anyway! till we hear you on mic, everyones just going to think of you as the butthurt loser we all know you are jealous of US pretty girls, you call us 'racoons and crabfaces' yet we get paid more in a month then you have in your entire SL career and you look like someone hit you in the face with a shovel LMFAO!...but dont worry since i am SO KIND i'm starting up a new foundation called 'Rags For Rayven!'' in this charity, people can donate old and unwanted clothes to you...maybe a bra for those saggy granny tits that hang down to your knee's! everytime i show someone a picture of your avatar, they say the same thing....'thats a noob..she's ugly ...why are her arms so short....yuck'' at the end of the day you compare yourself to me....gorgeous vs ugly....gorgeous is gonna prevail! for example your a HOOPTY bitch and i'm a BENTLEY since Harlee Fallen loves to do work with charity cases, i'm going to add this one to my SL workload! dont worry Rayven! together we will finally help you with you become the disney princess you've always wanted to be!.....


also i figured this may be helpful to you aswell Rayven despite you being 35 + years old


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