Sunday, 13 November 2011


RayFAN Faily is  OH SO BUTTHURT MAD ANAL LEAKING BOOTY RAPED he cant come out with his own comebacks anymore i'm obviously your inspiration (guess she realised her shitty insults were too corny to be considered lolworthy) just another reason why i'm the trend setter and your the may aswell take a seat and go back to masturbating to your justin bieber album ROFL your only proving your guilty by feeling the need to explain yourself LOL

ROFLMFAO for anyone to assume i'm RayFAN ...really must be as retarded as him but then again her latest prey has autism so atleast he has an excuse LOL rayman is so low he's picking on the disabled now.

I love how its such an occasion for Rayven to get hit on that she had to post all 3 times on her tacky blog (literally bitch has no life even when she has NOTHING to blog about she'll just repeat herself over and over its been almost 4 months get out of your basement loser) ROFL & not to mention now that he discovered windlight he insists on posting pictures of his disgustingly ugly deformed avatar  WHOSE FAT GIRL TITS SEEM TO HANG DOWN TO HER KNEE'S LOL YUCK NO WONDER UMAD U FAILURE BITCH!

oh and its not cute when old bitches say UMAD either stop embaressing yourself... just for the record Rayven isnt a 'faggot' its just some DUDE who likes to dress up as a really ugly mexican chola and try and fuck other noobs like himself that are female.

lets face it bitch your wack which is why nobody has ever commented on your blog since you started posting about me like 4 months ago, your a nobody, i roast you in one post when you need like 5 blogs and even then FAIL everyone says the same thing about you your just a SAD LOW LIFE BITCH WHO SITS YOUR FAT ASS ON SL ALL DAY IN SANDBOXES TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO ARE BETTER THEN YOU, you failed at SL Porn you failed at Blogging since nobody gives a shit about you & you cant even use proper vocab because you type in a fit of rage LOL, you fail at being funny, you fail at being original jumpman lane said...your the TURD STAIN ON THE SECOND LIFE GRID LMFAOOOOOO!!!!  oh and bitch you have no money to make they say dont write cheques you cant cash ROFL<33...


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