Thursday, 10 November 2011

ROFLOMFGLMFAO! oh Rayven Baily

So apparently rayMAN has the nerve to talk shit about people who are 'allegedly' (since we all know how accurately full of shit rayMAN is) into things like 'twilight' ....but this pedophile sits there and masturbates to justin bieber then fucks her blow up doll (which she probably named Harlee hehehe)....thats a whole new level of GROSS even for a weirdo like that arent you like in your late 30's?...LOL but dont take my word for it watch for yourself. embaressed for you LOL
here's your new outfit

what a loser he even went to the length of deleting all his 'pornos'.....what are you a 'princess' of now bitch? being irrelevant and BASIC and Stalkerish LOL if your oh so talented so why not showcase it LOL...God look how terrible his avatar looks which is exactly why i and nobody can take anything this noob says've been wearing the same skin for a year bitch upgrade keep talking about people cant 'afford' this and that...yet you live in a sandbox and recycle your shitty outfits over and over (aswell as your lame comebacks), i cant help but sit there and laugh when this dumbass accuses people who arent me...of being an ALT....e.g.

[2011/11/09 10:54]  Felicia Cheng: [10:54] MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): wow Harlee Fallen, Olivieri and cheng all come on within less than 10 minutes lol.
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Harlee Fallen: wat a sad bitch
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Felicia Cheng: lmao
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Felicia Cheng: as if you own everyones accounts
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Felicia Cheng: and people dont happen to come on the same times
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Felicia Cheng: o.o
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Harlee Fallen: shes sittin there searchin everyones names
[2011/11/09 10:55]  Felicia Cheng: lol
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Harlee Fallen: 24/7
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Harlee Fallen: LOL
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Felicia Cheng: i wonder if she ever get any time to play
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Felicia Cheng: for hself
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Felicia Cheng: herself*
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Harlee Fallen: she doesnt
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Felicia Cheng: doing all that investigating
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Felicia Cheng: a fucking mess
[2011/11/09 10:56]  Harlee Fallen: must suck having no life what so ever

so this is what we gather ....your a pedophile you sit there and stroke your dick to justin bieber...your disgusting you have no life (but we all know that) you sit there and stare at my profile for hours, you'll accuse anyone who disagree's with you of being my alt your crying i get all this attention which you'll never get and if you ever do its only because of ME...nobody gives a shit about Rayven Baily...i still dont respond to you inworld because when i do get online i enjoy my time with my on the other hand sit there for HOURS and search my name or who you THINK is my name LOL (if you wanna talk to me so desperately contact my manager he'll be sure to add it to the rest of the fan letters)
no wonder your mad got exposed for stuffing ballots with votes for your friends...not only did you make them look bad but made yourself look like a butthurt bitch as usual (now the contest is fixed because you got caught? LOL) i didnt even have to try....but what happened when you got caught YOU DID WHAT YOU ALWAYS DO.RAN TO YOUR SHITTY NOOB BLOG...AND GOT BELLIGERENT ROFLMFAO....thats why your sitting there twittering back and forth with jumpman lane because your butthurt he exposed you.(4000 of his twitter followers know what a lame sad bitch you are now)
so this loser is like jumpman lane is ''obsessed'' with stroker serpentine.......uhm hello.. bitch your obsessed with me.... what the fuck LMFAO? i believe his words where " he wants to be just like his idol ''

so does that mean you want to be just like yours? LOL again...the irony in your posts are hilarious...your still a walking contradiction. 
and oh....about my SL wedding...why would i talk about my own wedding when I have a perezhilton wannabe blogging about me daily? (LMFAO imagine being proud of being ''paparazzi''... difference is paparazzi get paid. the word you should be using is S.T.A.L.K.E.R ROFL.)

you should help yourself and go see a psychologist grown men like yourself shouldnt be masturbating to justin bieber and ofcourse you could always get yourself a life.....  you'll never amount to shit....your not famous.. this is you-

your just a person another FAN who talks about HARLEE FALLEN... i'm what you would call famous bitch :) <3333


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