Friday, 11 November 2011

Wedding Statement

UPDATE - Harlee has now seperated from her husband and wishes for everyone to respect her privacy!

The following statement is from Harlee herself -

''Uqh like i thought it was going to be forever! like honestly i wanted me and Bobby to start a family and have a fairytale life together but unfortunately that didnt happen! i ask everyone to please respect my privacy in this difficult time!''

Sources tell us Harlee is walking away with a HUGE amount in her divorce settlement, due to there being absolutely NO prenup!!!!! yikes....Bobby however is claiming Harlee Cheated on him MULTIPLE times in THERE marital home...and is also claiming she is pregnant with TWINS by the black neighbour who happens to be an NFLer! Harlee's Camp denies all allegations!

The internet is going crazy with rumors about Harlee Fallen getting married too Bobby Hartle....the following is a statement by Harlee!

''hehe oh em gee its all so sudden, we've been dating for like 2 days but when he pulled up in his Bentley and proposed to me with the most expensive ring in the store i knew it was just meant to be!'' -Harlee Fallen

here's a picture of the newly married couple -

we asked Harlee details about her wedding this is what she had to say...

''like you know i kept it pretty low key since ofcourse as everyone knows i'm the victim of serial stalkers! uqh! i dont know why people cant be happy for me its not my fault god made you ugly...please take that up with him! -Harlee Fallen

But Harlee! why keep it so low key when your such an ultra mega SL superstar! the people have a right to know!

''you know if it wasnt for my fan/stans i wouldnt be the 'center of attention' i know i'm on there mind day and night and i know things like this give them pixel boners but i'm just trying to keep my privacy!...  gosh...oh make sure you buy the next issue of sl PEOPLE magazine they'll have exclusive pix of my wedding hehe!''- Harlee Fallen

the ring itself is ofcourse from JCNY and naturally the most expensive.

''like gosh i totally told Bobby i want LOTS of diamonds and it has to be the most expensive wedding ring there.....i mean after like the 4th ring i decided on this one!'' -Harlee Fallen

it seems as if people have started to make bets already about how long this marriage is going to last!...this is what Harlee had to say!

''I just wanna say that i LOVE Bobby...and i'm going to be totally faithful to him and were going to be together forever!....were in talks with E! to get our own reality t.v show so obviously were in it for the long run!'' - Harlee Fallen

this is what Harlee had to say about all the media speculation...and gossip!

''you mad? kekekeke'' - Harlee Fallen 


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