Friday, 23 September 2011

Leilani Helendale . Tacky Chan.

so anyway....this ugly old ass chink bitch....cant seem to pull my name from her mouth, my name must taste really good since all these irrelevant emo's (theres a few of them who i've never even met) cant seem to stop mentioning me for attention (goes to show the power i hold over them)...i think we've had one convo where i made her look like the peasant she is for talking to yours truly. LOL.....after that the bitch was DERENDERED ....i must say maximus really hit the jackpot he has not one but two bulldog looking bitches doing his dirty work for him i guess they are just doing as they are told.

I just feel sorry for Leilani's children who need to put up with there mom's pathetic little e-life (being a keyboard gangster) while they rifle through trash for there dinner.....''no dog meat and rice today kids...mommy has to go make gas money on SL! and blog about Harlee!'' lmfaoooo please someone call social services on this dumb gook bitch and have her children taken away 'mothers' like her need to be shot i bet her children act older then her and FYI i am pretty sure her 'man' has left her ass by now...since obviously all she does is sit on SL with her fat bhudda ass....anyone who is past 30 is way to old to be talking about someone else on the internet...2-3 months on from there altercation.

Its a shame what these lame bitches put themselves through...they spend all this time worrying and stressing about me and i could give a shit about them....i'm still living my FAB SL, men still want me....girls still want to be me...oh apparently i'm a 'scam artist' i guess they've never been 'paid' for there company before...i guess they dont realise how it works....the men who 'pay' me for my attention get OFF on the fact that they need to....i'm just offering them the service they want...dont be mad that i can and you cant hehehe...(IRONICALLY THIS LAME BITCH IS RUNNING A 'FIN-DOMME' SERVICE ON SL AFTER TALKING ALL HER SHIT I GUESS THIS EXPLAINS WHY THE BITCH IS SO MAD BEGGING FOR MONEY IS NOT BECOMING U LAME SQUARE FACED BITCH LOL) .... i believe i said it doesnt matter what i say and do to these trolls because at the end of the day they want to crucify me (because SL is serious business LOL!) so ofcourse anything i say or do would be twisted (just like how the media does to celebs) one things for sure you definately are a fat jealous female...(like ew cover ur c-sections bitch) only haters such as yourself aka single moms in there late 30's are THAT jealous of chicks like me....the others dont give a shit because there confident, your just mad and jealous and everyone cheerleading for u is as ugly and tacky as you so therefore your opinion will never matter.

Anyone whose following my blogs i would just like you to know Harlee Fallen isnt going anywhere.....until i get really really bored of SL and lose total interest....because for a person like me SL is ALL about fun....i'm not here for drama...when i log off my P.C i forget SL exists i go about my normal day to day activities... (not sitting there asking people TackyChan has logged on yet and def not staring at there profiles 24/7 and being paranoid that anyone who talks to them is either my alt or my spy LOL!) 

so enclosing....Leilani get off the internet you old bitch go spend time with your kids before they begin to resent you and hate you for being the sorry excuse of a mother you are & make yourself useful and do my nails chinkerbelle.... also for another laugh look at this sad bitches 'wish list' in her profile LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL what an ugly slant eyed broke bangkok bitch begging for money on SL, yuck i hope your kids find out what a disgusting piece of shit you are selling yourself on SL.

how can u be homophobic when you look like a bull dyke?


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