Wednesday, 14 September 2011

That Guy Megan Fux . Rayven Baily

SLs Biggest Stalker/Loser/Noob/Peasant AND MY LATEST FAN <3

First of all i'd like to stress the purpose of my blog, its not too 'defend' myself to anyone..hello  this is the internet, its for the sheer fact i want to capilitize on my buzz hehe and clown this peasant openly so you can all see why this bitch could never phase me oh and ofcourse let you know HARLEE FALLEN <3, not what the media makes me out to be.

ironically this bitch has made it completelyyyyyyyyyyyy obvious that she has absolutely no reason to blog about me, but for the sheer fact that s(he) wants attention.....WELL here you go've got ALL the attention you wanted.. lets tell em y your mad fag.

i mean you have no achievements you have no credibility your a nobody on SL talking about a somebody just another irrelevant loser us SLelebs pity, in the virtual world i'm whats buzzing not you loser. i mean you basically stole this story from another irrelevant losers blog acting as if you thought of it on your own.

So this ..weirdo, seems to have a problem with my claim that i am the most 'flawless' thing to hit the grid since flexi hair LMFAO really is it that much of a big deal Rayven Baily...or should i say RayMan Faily? i mean my second life and virtuality has nothing to do with you...your a NON FACTOR IN MY LIFE BITCH, so why am i such a huge part of yours because you know your nothing, shit from a whore thats about it.

didnt you used to i.m me thinking I was Aurora Bentham...then when you realised you were wrong and being a total obsessed stalker that you are you APOLOGIZED? i guess it was a bit obvious when i made you look like the total freak you are were NEVER gonna be the same again...what is it like 5 months? and you still held a grudge LOL ...thats soooooo pathetic.

I just had to figure out why this bitch was barking so after talking for a while it hit me...its quite obvious really........the rumors that i am infact a man in RL must have given this internet geek a total hardon like....LOL so i challenged 'her' i asked ''her'' to get on MIC....and what do you know s(he) refused......instead of me saying what's the convo between us...look how s(he) keeps trying to dodge it and then just ends up muting me after the sorry excuse he keeps giving..also i'd like to stress i have nothing against men who play as women avatars...frankly i dont give a shit i know PLENTY in the circles i run in, and there all fab divas <33....but rayman seems to care as if its going to pay her real life bills LOL


[2011/09/13 13:56]  Harlee Fallen: Lol another essay?
[2011/09/13 13:56]  Harlee Fallen: are you that obsessed with me LOL
[2011/09/13 13:56]  Harlee Fallen: omg get over it your pathetic your like time if over
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Rayven Baily: lol i thought you liked attention? it was good remember LOL
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Harlee Fallen: nobody is paying you any mind i'm probably the only one
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Harlee Fallen: yea but when someone as irrelevant as you does it
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Rayven Baily: sure thats why I had 160 views on my blog yesterday
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Harlee Fallen: its like your trying to feed of my publicity
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Harlee Fallen: i have like 130 on my flickr in one day
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Harlee Fallen: whats ur point?
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Rayven Baily: why do you keep IM me if you were done with me?
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 13:57]  Harlee Fallen: because i think its hilarious
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: that your going on and on
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Rayven Baily: It is
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: what exactly is your point?
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Rayven Baily: I m laughing now
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: is it just to 'harass me'
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: you say your not jealous of me
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: so what exactly is your purpose exactly?
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Rayven Baily: Im doing what you said you wanted giving you attention I am helping YOU out
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: so you do as your told
[2011/09/13 13:58]  Harlee Fallen: like a good follower
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Harlee Fallen: that you are
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Rayven Baily: Im trying to be your friend and help you be famous ROFLMAO
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Harlee Fallen: is this gonna end up on your blog aswell OMGSZSZ harlee responded to me
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Harlee Fallen: harlee farted today!
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Harlee Fallen: omgsz breaking story
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Harlee Fallen: LMFAO
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Rayven Baily: maybe on your flickr. just remember to add stuff after you go mute lol
[2011/09/13 13:59]  Harlee Fallen: no sweety
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Rayven Baily: lol
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Harlee Fallen: i wont be adding anything else about u
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Harlee Fallen: like i said your 15 mins are up
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Rayven Baily: Just like I got banned
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Rayven Baily: Keep the lies coming
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Rayven Baily: people see right through you
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Harlee Fallen: people are i.ming me and telling me how creepy you are
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Rayven Baily: fake as never was and never will be bitch
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Harlee Fallen: how u do this type of shit and nobody pays you any mind
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Harlee Fallen: must suck that even in virtualty
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Harlee Fallen: your a nobody
[2011/09/13 14:00]  Rayven Baily: Really like who?
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Rayven Baily: Aurora? wow what a suprise
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: like i'm sure you know quite ALOT
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Rayven Baily: name them
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: who think your just pathetic
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: why would i name them
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Rayven Baily: Guys who fuck lol
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Rayven Baily: LOL because its another one of your lies
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: so you can blog about them? lool sweety listen your obviously a man
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Rayven Baily: just like I got banned
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: trying to hide your own shame
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: and thats ok
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: i mean dont worry
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: nobody cares if your a man
[2011/09/13 14:01]  Harlee Fallen: trust me
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Rayven Baily: just like you have the real conversation
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: nobody even cares that you exist
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Rayven Baily: just like your picture is really you in rl
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: it was the real convo
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: you posted like in parts
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: whats the point in that
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Rayven Baily: LOL you are the man. You admitted to it
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: making your point across
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Rayven Baily: what is there to argue about
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: i did?
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: LOL so would u like to voice
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Harlee Fallen: with me
[2011/09/13 14:02]  Rayven Baily: Yep
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Rayven Baily: So you didnt admit you were a guy?
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Harlee Fallen: uhm i'm not a guy i'm know this is hard for your feeble brain to comprehend
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Harlee Fallen: so how about we just get on mic
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Harlee Fallen: and talk like the guys we are
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Harlee Fallen: go ahead
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Rayven Baily: really post the real conversation then between you and max
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Calling...
[2011/09/13 14:03]  Rayven Baily: You do that and I will shut up
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Harlee Fallen: answer
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Rayven Baily: deal?
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Harlee Fallen: i wanna hear u
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Connected, click End Call to hang up
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Call ended
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Harlee Fallen: exactly my point
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Harlee Fallen: but do u know what
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Harlee Fallen: i reallllly couldnt give a fuck
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Rayven Baily: what's your point voice you have no point.
[2011/09/13 14:04]  Harlee Fallen: if your a point
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Harlee Fallen: guy*
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Harlee Fallen: i really dont care
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Rayven Baily: Post the real converation and I wont say anything else is that a deal?
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Harlee Fallen: your not important enough
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Rayven Baily: Ok harvey
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Harlee Fallen: Ok robert
[2011/09/13 14:05]  Harlee Fallen: why arent u gettin on voice
[2011/09/13 14:06]  Harlee Fallen: like obviously u have no leg to stand on
[2011/09/13 14:06]  Harlee Fallen: all this attention your bringing yourself
[2011/09/13 14:06]  Rayven Baily: Robert lol
[2011/09/13 14:06]  Harlee Fallen: and i'm going to just let them know your a man
[2011/09/13 14:06]  Harlee Fallen: you may aswell quit while your behind
[2011/09/13 14:07]  Rayven Baily: Ok I will get on voice if you post the real conversation not eddited between you and max
[2011/09/13 14:07]  Harlee Fallen: no
[2011/09/13 14:07]  Harlee Fallen: get on voice
[2011/09/13 14:07]  Harlee Fallen: and i will
[2011/09/13 14:07]  Rayven Baily: ROFLMAO
[2011/09/13 14:07]  Harlee Fallen: why is that so hard?
[2011/09/13 14:08]  Harlee Fallen: yea make up an elaborate enough excuse
[2011/09/13 14:08]  Harlee Fallen: if your not gonna get on mic then sit your dumb ass down
[2011/09/13 14:08]  Rayven Baily: You claimed you had it. You claimed you had a new photo for me where is that? Keep your promises bitch and I will satisfy your craving to hear me personally telling you what  cunt you are on voice
[2011/09/13 14:08]  Harlee Fallen: go ahead i'd love to hear you call me a cunt on mic
[2011/09/13 14:08]  Harlee Fallen: i mean it only seems fair
[2011/09/13 14:08]  Harlee Fallen: your talking ALL this shit right
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Rayven Baily: I would love to see your new rl picture and this real conversation with max
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: LMAO i guess they were right
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: all your gonna do
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: is deflect the question
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: and change the subject
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: bitch you are soooooo gullible
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Rayven Baily: Those are the fact harvey
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: not really
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: the only fact is
[2011/09/13 14:09]  Harlee Fallen: your screaming the loudest
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: because u have a giant dick tucked between your legs
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: and your scared everyone will know
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: your secret
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Rayven Baily: Seriously why should I give you something when you havent come through on your promises lol
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: your proving everyones point
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Rayven Baily: Ok thanks
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Rayven Baily: which is what
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: because your the one trying to make a point here
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: not me
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Harlee Fallen: i'll get on voice anywhere you want
[2011/09/13 14:10]  Rayven Baily: I am? you IM me? lol
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Harlee Fallen: in public
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Harlee Fallen: if u do it aswell
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Rayven Baily: Yea ok
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Harlee Fallen: what wrong ROBERT are you scared now
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Rayven Baily: I used to work in a voice escort club you stupid cunt
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Harlee Fallen: so why is it so hard
[2011/09/13 14:11]  Harlee Fallen: to get on voice
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Harlee Fallen: i've voice fucked tons of times
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Rayven Baily: exactly what's so hard about you posting the real conversation between you and max?
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Harlee Fallen: LOOOL
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Harlee Fallen: stop changing
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Harlee Fallen: the subject
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Rayven Baily: ROFLMAO
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Harlee Fallen: get on mic
[2011/09/13 14:12]  Rayven Baily: you are a stupid cunt you really are
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: LMFAO
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: its amazing isnt it
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: its always the biggest fags
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: shouting the loudest
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: everything about you points to being a man
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Rayven Baily: I guess you would know
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: the way you are
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: this anger you have
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: towards everyone
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Rayven Baily: You wanted attention I gave you it.
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Harlee Fallen: LOL yet your giving yourself attention
[2011/09/13 14:13]  Rayven Baily: anger? nah Im just helping you giving you what YOU wanted
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: all i need to put in my profile is ask rayven baily to voice
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: and see if she does
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Rayven Baily: IM trying to help YOU out what dont YOU understand
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Rayven Baily: go haead
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Rayven Baily: please do
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: lmfao help me out?
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: how so
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: your jealous of me you cant stand
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: the attention i get
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: you hate the fact
[2011/09/13 14:14]  Harlee Fallen: i do it so right
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Rayven Baily: go to lecabaret talk to the owners there I used to work there and I can go back at any time LOL
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: and nobody gives u the time of day
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: idgaf
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: i want you to voice
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: right now
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Rayven Baily: If nobody cares why do you keep IM me?
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Rayven Baily: You seem worried
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: well i'm not nobody
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: your talking about me
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Harlee Fallen: so i'm just addressing you
[2011/09/13 14:15]  Rayven Baily: Im just trying to help. I want you to be famous like Lindsey Lohan
[2011/09/13 14:16]  Harlee Fallen: thanks i love lindsey lohan
[2011/09/13 14:16]  Harlee Fallen: she's FLAWLESS
[2011/09/13 14:16]  Harlee Fallen: like me
[2011/09/13 14:16]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe
[2011/09/13 14:17]  Rayven Baily: You want me to voice. I want to see this real convseration you claim you have. You do your part I do mine. Im not giving in to you bitch, You said fro the start you had it. Make my fucking day clear your name cunt
[2011/09/13 14:17]  Harlee Fallen: if you get on voice i will literally do anything you say
[2011/09/13 14:17]  Rayven Baily: zzzzzzz
[2011/09/13 14:17]  Rayven Baily: bored
[2011/09/13 14:17]  Harlee Fallen: LMAOOOOOO so tell me why do you hate yourself so much
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Rayven Baily: same shit over and over
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Rayven Baily: do what you promised and we will talk back up your talk bitch
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: why are you gettin so angry for
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: i never promised you anything
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Rayven Baily: How do I hate myself? I am trying to help. I want to make you famous
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: i told you you werent important enough
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: for the actual convo
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: if u wanted it
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: ask someone for it
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: AND
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Rayven Baily: Im angry? You keep IM me ROFLMAO
[2011/09/13 14:18]  Harlee Fallen: i told u
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: to keep you eyes on my profile
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: thats all i said
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Rayven Baily: You keep spamming you are typing more than me LOL
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: because
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: your like such a liar
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: its so sad
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Rayven Baily: You are mad. wow.
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: to see how pathetic u are
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: you wanna hide the fact your a guy sooooo badly
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: that your trying to divert
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: all this 'press' on me
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Rayven Baily: No you didnt you said I would stalk your profile
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: see atleast leilani had a point
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: you really dont
[2011/09/13 14:19]  Harlee Fallen: you couldnt even get your own story
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Harlee Fallen: LOL thats why your pathetic
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Harlee Fallen: she gets more respect because atleast she was original
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Harlee Fallen: and your just a lame copycat
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Harlee Fallen: jumping on the badnwagon
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Rayven Baily: this mean alot from someone who confessed to being a guy and after than wanted to continue with a male and male relationshp
[2011/09/13 14:20]  Harlee Fallen: because you obviously are a man in real life and your shitting yourself because u dont want people to know
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Rayven Baily: I cant help you are heartbroken
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Harlee Fallen: you keep repeating yourself
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Harlee Fallen: but you havent done
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Harlee Fallen: something as simple as get on voice
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Harlee Fallen: and prove your actually a female
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Rayven Baily: thats it right? You ar heartbroken so you keep IMing me?
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Harlee Fallen: like your sooo obsessed with everyone
[2011/09/13 14:21]  Harlee Fallen: being
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: blmfaooo your honestly SO retarded if you think i take this SL shit that serious
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: look at you your the one typing an essay on me every 8 hours
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Rayven Baily: Funny you want to get on voice but there are several people who said you refuse lol
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: i'm the first thing you think of
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Rayven Baily: fucking hypercrite
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: idfgaf
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: what ppl say
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: this is between you and me
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Rayven Baily: I have seen it on the internet several places LOL
[2011/09/13 14:22]  Harlee Fallen: get on mic and say anything
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Rayven Baily: it said in your profile NO VOICE
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Rayven Baily: LOL
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Rayven Baily: owned
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: ok i rest my case your a man bitch thanks for proving it
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: i told u i'll go to a full sim
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: and get on voice
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: for u
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Rayven Baily: You are a stupid cunt
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: all u have to do
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: is talk on mic
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Rayven Baily: dumb cunt
[2011/09/13 14:23]  Harlee Fallen: LMAO your sooooo done
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: i knew you were a man
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: they didnt even have to tell me
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: no girl is as crazy and angry as you are
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Rayven Baily: Post the real conversation between you and Max. Post your "new" rl pictur without photoshopped and I will voice. That's the fucking deal take it or leave it cunt
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: you must be like in your 40's
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Rayven Baily: now enjoy mute
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: there is no deal
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: unless
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: u get on voice
[2011/09/13 14:24]  Harlee Fallen: and make it

SO AS YOU CAN SEE Rayven Baily from second life is actually a very angry old man in real life who is jealous of avatar pixels...who get more attention then he does looool if you want attention bitch stop wearing out of date skins and look like a cross between bride of chucky and snookie NOT CUTE!

lets compare.

compared to

FYI i am extremely creeped out at this middle aged MAN is sitting there cutting and pasting my real life pictures to other just goes to show some people have way to much time on there hands and have no business being on SL


here's her tacky blog for all 3 of you who care. 


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