Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hell Yea, I'm a Mothafuckin Internet Warriorsz

Get off the internet geez LOL its been 3 days and you've typed 8 blogs about me WTF? have you even logged off since you got EXPOSED FOR BEING THE MAN YOU ARE?

i told you your a non factor yet you still try and make yourself relevant this must be the most attention you have recieved in your entire SL career which is why you keep repeating yourself over and over ...your 15 mins of fame are up bitch...i dont need a perezhilton wannabe blogging made up stories at the end of the day nobody with a LIFE is gonna read your shit your entire blog is now dedicated to me i feel as if you owe me royalties, your SO mad, & now YOUR MODIFYING CONVOS THEN DELETING PEOPLES COMMENTS WHO TELL YOU TO GET A LIFE LOL ...not even i read all your blogs and there ABOUT ME LOL do yourself a favor stop jacking off to Harlee Fallen and go out for some oxygen clearly your brain is lacking some now YOUR RECYCLED CONVO'S FROM A BITTER EX HAVE NO VALUE AND FYI

until you get on mic and prove your actually a female
your opinion is irrelevant.

 this is you bitch your glenn close in fatal attraction LOL your obsession with Harlee has reached critical level theres 259 pages of convo between me and maximus...if you read all that....bitch you need serious help....

heres a passage from one of her many many...rants about me-

''IF I am a women.. you would have sealed your own fate. LOL. OMG you would look like such a fool. You would be laughed right off second life. So I will put up with your ranting and raving about me being a man.. because I want YOUR self absorbed ass to be the one to pull the trigger ending your little game. I would orgasm to see that. You can yell and scream I'm a man.. but everyone knows you are YOU CONFESSED. Do you like to gamble?'' -Rayven Baily

Sounds like a gay persons excuse....arent you 'trying' to run me off SL...arent you trying to make me look like a fool? LOL get on mic? were waiting. but you dont care right? thats why your blogging 4 times a day on the QUEEN <33

enclosing i would like my fans to send this psychotic bitch phone numbers to mental help lines perhaps then s(he) will see this obsession with me is unhealthy...for the sheer fact s(he) can never win.


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