Saturday, 24 September 2011

Whomp Statement

So i'm not gonna ponder on this for too long because this is SO funny. Lol a dead link and an old photoshopped profile? ..everyone has seen your amazing copy and pasting job booboo (you know were you posted my hand to everyone and there mother), w/e it says on the profile then 'am a boi' makes absolutely no sense..and the picture you posted was myself and 2 female friends a picture which was on my old flickr and still in my profile...if it was a secret it wouldnt be in there dumb shit.loool...(as you point out over and over i'm a shape maker with 'no talent'....i.e i make male and female shapes like maximus's) Like i said i had a blog BEFORE and didnt use it much because i got bored of mens fashion. how exactly does having a boy avatar prove i'm not a female i also have a fox avatar does that mean i'm not a human either? i admire your desperation to prove i'm a guy though male or female i'll always still look better then you do its sad your still sitting there googling everyone of my av's and going back like a whole year to find anything (you must've spent all week searching huh)  YOUR REFUSAL TO MIC ALONE PROVES YOUR A MAN YOU REFUSED ME MOONLIGHT AND KORY, but anyway this is what i'm going to do...i'm going to buy a pixel dick for you....and then you can suck on my dick as hard as you like....then once you've finally got it out of your system you can go back to being IRRELEVANT <33

Your Grandmother would be so proud of all you've accomplished :(

havent linden labs given you a restraining order against me? or do i need to speak with the rep once more?


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