Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Little Info

1) Are you a sexual deviant?

Hehe..i'm just popular.

2) Would you kiss someone of the same gender?

For sure but she has to my standards and blonde

3) Would you let someone cum right on you face for $100.

As if what do i look like a prostitute? has to be atleast over a few grand gosh.

4) Would you pay to have sex with someone?

*gasps* Myself!

5) Would you accept money for sex?

Well duh....wouldnt you accept money if someone wanted to rent your porsche?

6) Do you know what a dirty sanchez is?

i'm going to assume its my Gardeners name.........

7) Have you ever done anal?

Mostly on wednesdays....

8) Whats the most disgusting/horrifying thing you have eaten?

Oh my one time..Juanita made this disgusting.....thing called a i told her what the fuck is this you stupid spic bitch....and she was like 'think of the people in africa' i'm like ew gross why would i want to think about diseased africans at dinner.....totally was put off.

9) Do you have dirty thoughts?

For Sure

10) Have you ever had a threesome?

Like for sure.. but i'm not a i said i'm just popular....

11) What kind of guys/girls do you go for? like obviously a guy with MONEY ... but this may come as a shock but...if your broke the only way i'd ever totally fuck you is....if your totally sexylicious and have juicy hard gorgeous dick...and and nasty mind....but that doesnt mean a total fuckin weirdo *rolls eyes*

12) Are these questions are lame?

For sure it took me like 1hour to answer these...true story

13) If you answered yes, post you own question and answer it.


14) Do you like turtles?

Can they be worn in clothing?

15) Have you ever worn your undergarments 2 days in a row?

Gosh no...i'm not a brunette.

16) Have you ever eaten your own vomit?

Yeah, usually when i gag on a cock i try and swallow the bile as quick as possible so i dont taste it.

17) Do you ever bow down to your enemies?

Uqh...i'm Harlee Fallen i dont bow down....but i do bend over hehehehe

18) Spit or swallow?

Gargle Blow Bubbles Then Swallow

19) Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Oh yes.

20) I’m glad this is over, aren’t you?

whats over?


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