Saturday, 29 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

oh my i went to watch paranormal activity 3 last night...and i must say i was pleasantly suprised...i enjoyed it usually i'm not a fan of these kind of movies but this one was very interesting ( i have seen part 1 and 2) but this by far was the best had the beginning it did drag a bit but they all usually do so that wasnt much of a suprise...there were some genuine..oh my fuckin god i heard grown men squeeling at the movies so not only was this a horror but at times it was like such a comedy HEHE..i dont wanna say too much too actually ruin the movie if you plan on seeing it but its definately worth a watch if your into a little Halloween Fright Night...with friends or your partner.

Also uqh its so hard finding a decent costume especially when you have big busty boobs like me...hehe..but i do have a plan B and plan C if i cant decide on time to just walk around in chances are i probably wont be on for Halloween since usually plans just pop up but i'll make sure i post a few pictures on my blog and flickr for you all <33

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