Sunday, 16 October 2011

Return of the Troll - Rayven Baily

You already know....its beyond pathetic when someone says for the 2nd time there 'done' they 'want to move on'.....yet insist on bringing up more and more petty bullshit....clearly this fag isnt over me. But what can you expect from someone who has literally no life...not even a second LIFE....she even admitted i 'make' her famous ROFL...sad bitch

[2011/10/13 19:24]  Rayven Baily: If you are roleplaying that fine.. maybe I did believe that or maybe I wanted to believe that. personally i think this has gone too far
[2011/10/13 19:25]  Rayven Baily: I will take the flawlessblog down if you take stuff off your blog about me ok?
[2011/10/13 19:25]  Harlee Fallen: honestly this did go on way too long...we both have better shit to do
[2011/10/13 19:25]  Harlee Fallen: that seems fair enough
[2011/10/13 19:26]  Harlee Fallen: all these dick riders who lurk around will just have to get there show from somewhere else
[2011/10/13 19:26]  Rayven Baily: Ok - yea now i mostly stand around sl I get nothing done people IM me about this stuff.
[2011/10/13 19:26]  Harlee Fallen: Exactly

as you can see this loser has no credibility.....his 'word' means nothing.

Basically the same day i discovered Rayvens little secret about her man alt....i decided to i.m her....and pretty much laugh at how ironic she is (suprisingly i wasnt muted like she claims in every other post) we went at it for while and then we stopped maybe 10 mins later she me ...saying how she cant 'wait to read my post about her man avi' but being the classy bitch i am i told her i said 'look Raymond i'm not gonna post about you....wanna know why...because your not important enough' i guess this suprised Rayven ...and i would have kept to my word ...but why should i when this bitch cant keep hers? it wasnt even 24 hours before this LOSER had to mention my name again LOL

Like a psychopath every little thing sets them off no matter how small it is....recently what set her off is...the fact she got banned from the ghetto a few days ago apparently she thinks it was at my request.....the facts are....Duke Lenroy...being a total bitchass gossip queen (pretends he doesnt like drama yet thrives on it but that'll be a later post) this retard at his own discretion warning her not to blog about people from his ghetto....raymond being the obsessed loser he is assumes i sent Duke and blogs the next see your like an STD nobody wants you around.....true i brought you upto him...because well duh...i dont like you....theres a shock... no i didnt request for him to ban therefore your new...'issue' makes no sense just like everything you post.....(anything i said prior before our chat where i thought maybe you have the closure you so badly need which was like less then 8 hours ago anything i said was out of the sheer fact i dont like you.)

[2011/10/08 21:32]  Duke Lenroy: hi nigger slut
[2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe hello
[2011/10/08 21:32]  Harlee Fallen runs her nails down her blonde extentions
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Duke Lenroy: here for all the nigger dick?
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: uqh totally
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: but looks like my stalker
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: just tpd in
[2011/10/08 21:34]  Harlee Fallen: so i'll be leaving
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: huh?
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: rayven baily
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: do you have her muted?
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Duke Lenroy: she's not saying anything at all in local...
[2011/10/08 21:35]  Harlee Fallen: for sure
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: like that never matters unfortunately...
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: well derender her if you want....she's not saying anything at all though
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: she hasnt blogged about me in a while
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: I don't know why you'd run from someone like that
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: so just forget it
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: have u seen her blog?
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Harlee Fallen: its dedicated to me
[2011/10/08 21:36]  Duke Lenroy: no I don't think I have
[2011/10/08 21:37]  Duke Lenroy: we could always get aurora and go up to my skybox for some fun
[2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: hehehe sounds fun but i'm logging soon anyway
[2011/10/08 21:37]  Harlee Fallen: gonna have to miss it
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: that's too bad
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Duke Lenroy: I was considering banning her
[2011/10/08 21:39]  Harlee Fallen: hehe gosh that would just end up making her crazy ass blog about me more

isnt he so perdictible?

your mad about the fact i dont like you i dont want you around? i dont say i didnt admit the fact 'i asked Duke to ban you'....well you were shown the convo, no where did i mention ''BAN HER'' he offered that service himself.....he didnt ban you on my behalf you retarded freak...he banned you because your a dumb asshole who needs to blog everything and anything that comes your way (apparently you dont know LOL another contradiction) this rate you'll NEVER move on if you keep going back to square one...duh...retard go back to your shrink looks like your gonna have to explain to them your newest episode.

like i said before your dead grandmother would be so ashamed of you.
sitting in your basement dressed in her clothes cyber stalking, cyber bullying, cyber fucking yourself LOL.....what a sad little person you are.



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