Sunday, 15 January 2012

FAQs about Rayven Baily! omgsz!

Omgsz i really really wanna help Rayven Baily, poor thing needs all the help she can get!....seems like her ass is extra sore blogging 3-4 times a day now GOSH must be extra extra angry! omgsz i have an idea i'm going to make a list about all the stalker shiz & facts about Rayven Baily oh and ofcourse EXPOSING ALL HIS DEEP DARK SECRETS! *gasps* oh em gee this is such an amazing idea! like i've never done this before! ugh! i really hope it helps with Rayvens butt hurt syndrome! i really do! btw my blogs at a all time high! so you guys must really like how i help Rayven! gosh Rayven will be thankful and then maybe she will finally be my frund! she seems to be checking my blog out over 100 times a day! 18 hours a day! oh em gee! she must really be starting to like me shes so busy in RL but checking my blog non stop in HER 'free' time (which he has ALOT of), must not be like when SHE SAT HOME ALONE ON SL ON XMAS DAY! ehehehehehehehe

1. RayMan confesses to having a set of balls!
2. RayMan admits he wishes he was Harlee Fallen time and time again!
3. Rayman says s(he's) a voice escort but in 7 months of me asking him to mic he's never done so!
4. RayMans thinks he is a disney princess!
5. RayMan uses fake pictures of cam girls!
6. RayMan also gets really really mad when you make fun of his shitty pornos or if you call him a dumbass truth hurts!
7. RayMan likes to repeat himself when he has nothing left to say!
8. RayMan has 7 known alts 4 are men! Brady Neiro, Amarkus Resident, Forklift Resident, Dedarg Resident !
9. RayMan has tried to stop talking about harlee 3 times and FAILED!
10. Rayman sits and tracks peoples online and offlines he's like a personal timetable!
11. RayMan is the president of the Harlee Fallen fan club!
12. RayMan will call you Harlee Fallens alt if you disagree with him!
13. RayMans so poor he cant afford a microphone!
14. RayMan has approximately 0 friends on secondlife!
15. RayMan likes to modify convos and take days to post them!
16. RayMan has a hatred for 'barbies' but wants to be a disney princess when really he is the beast!
17. RayMan uses a female avatar to get girls...however when they reject him he stalks there life!
18. RayMans titties are down to his knees!
19. RayMan stares at Harlees profile for 18 hours!
20. RayMan is proud of stalking Harlee for 7 months!
21. RayMans likes to fuck himself because nobody else wants too
22. RayMans a 30+ year old hick from michigan who hates black people which is why he hates Harlee Fallen cause she LOVES black people!
23. Rayman likes to smear himself in dog shit!
24. Rayman got region banned from anaconda for being too ugly!
25. RayMan wanted to fuck justin beiber but he got too old now!
26. RayMan lives in his grandmothers basement!
27. RayMan likes to play world of war craft when he isnt on second life!
28. Rayman lives in a sandbox!
29. RayMan is traumatized by the death of his grammy thats why he is such a psycho stalker loser on SL 24 hours a day!
30. RayMan is a copybotter!
31. RayMan uses child avatars to get sugar daddies SICK BITCH!
32. RayMan thinks he's so funny when really really he's not at all!
33. RayMan has mentioned Harlee over 15,780 times in 7 months
34. RayMan wants to fuck mercedesStyles so bad but mercy would rather fuck a dead dog first!
35. Rayman creeps around cumhouse attention seeking!
36. RayMan wears combats with heels and thinks she's a real fashionista!
37. Rayman hasnt discovered sculpties in second life yet!
38. RayMan wanted to be Harlee's friend febuary last year! Harlee laughed at the loser!
39. RayMan's nickname is the TURD PRINCESS 
40. RayMan usually gives beejays for 100ls and gets mad when her clients refuse to pay! oh knows! blog time! 
41. RayMan talks to himself threw  'comments' on multiple accounts 
42. RayMan spends 95% of his day thinking about Harlee Fallen
43. Raymans thinks calling Harlee a 'blonde bimbo' is an insult!
44. RayMan will spend the next 5 years of his life in therapy from gettin ass raped on the internet!
45. Rayman talks alot of NOTHING for someone who talks ALOT!
46. Rayman visits this blog over 100 times a day!
47. RayMan hasnt achieved anything but biggest stalker award in his 3 year SL career!
48. RayMan wishes he was half the man Jumpman Lane is!
49. RayMan sits home alone staring at his Harlee Fallen screen saver on Xmas day!
50. RayMan's wishes Harlee Fallen had a dick so he could suck on it!


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