Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

RayMan once again caught lying and modding convo's AND NOT ADDRESSING WHY HE HASNT BEEN ON MIC this guy really has been getting owned on all ends, he just makes it so easy, I guess now that everyone see's what a loser and a liar this bitch is since i exposed him...he's trying everything to make people believe he isnt the insane peasant that we all know he is and salvage his make believe 'sl career' apparently he doesnt care, yet every convo they had he seems to name drop me trying to get a reaction out of strom, i assume this is how 99% of his convo's in SL go like...''i hate you? fuck you!'' Howver i'm starting to finally see why he's relapsed back into his stalker ways! he had a crush on Strom and when he found out me and Strom were starring in a movie together BOOM he just we can all see LMFAO!  ..Strom may have stroked Raymans little ego last year (god knows why yuck) and just like ugly girls RayMan Faily got gassed!, but i only began talking to Strom in december again after the 'Harlee Fucks Aurora's Husband Scandal'' which was like july, Strom had no reason to like me then, so he has no reason to lie about ANYTHING i mean i kinda fucked him over then...which i apologize for now...were not friends were just 'colleagues' i love how RayMan is SO pleased he was 'chased' by strom as if that is some major feat ROFL..Facts are Facts and the facts are your BUTT UGLY! LMFAO

i'm gonna let this snapshot do all the talking required for his latest bullshit claims...


[02:44]  Harlee Fallen: LOOOOL @ those chats
[02:48]  丂Ţ尺ŌṀ (strombolio): That bitch modded the chat's why would I ever need to beg her to do a porn. The whole reason I ever even knew the slut was because of her talking shit to me in public. She modded the chats once she realized I wasn't serious about any of it. It's like where the jock in the highschool plays the fat girl because he's bored and has nothing else better to do. I woulda never even known she ever did porn by all the shit she talks and lack of movies she's in.
[02:50]  Harlee Fallen: LMAOOOOOOOO i figured all she does is mod chat...fucking loser....and ew from all i can see she was totalling obsessed with me name dropping me every 2 seconds LMAO sounding butthurt ''oh i hate harlee do you aswell!?'' bet thats how 90% of her convos go....i cant stop laughing @ how the jock plays the fat girl LMAOOOOOO she thinks she's hotter then me !
[02:53]  丂Ţ尺ŌṀ (strombolio): I would stop IMing her for weeks and then months then she pops into my box to say "hi". Always hinting to me about her sugar daddies and how she don't even give them any, wtf is that. I acted like I would take her out to just keep her on the hook but whenever it came time I just stopped talking. Notice how none of of your other videos got the backlash the one I did with you did? Shit don't add up, think someone had a crush. Only one other person woulda sat on my vid for 2 days and rated it down, why else would the bitch go through all that trouble.
[02:56]  Harlee Fallen: Uqh yea....'so you made a porn with Harlee' lmaooo i love how she acts as if she doesnt stalk my life 'i saw the porn when harlee pasted it to me' the bitch knew when i was out of town, she wouldnt know when i was in a new movie? LOL as if. yuck the way she spoke to you ...just like a man ...gosh daddy maybe you should stop teasing ugly girls they get all gassed up.
[02:59]  丂Ţ尺ŌṀ (strombolio): Yup ever after she said "so you made a porn with Harlee" was when the shit went down. It was like someone flipped an on switch, she went to the vid page , commented and then had to have rated it down not one, but two days. I mean I guess it finally tipped over the edge seeing us together in a movie, that was the last straw for her. She couldn't just accept it she had to go off. No one ever tried to rub it in her face, she saw it on her own and threw the biggest shit fit I seen in SL so far
[03:02]  Harlee Fallen: well you know thats how these noob bitches are LOL, like i tried to be nice to her for a whole month (even though i was obviously pretending) ROFL she's a retard she actually thinks for a second i would even spit in a peasant like her's direction without an ulterior motive?...........she's just jealous you did a hot porn with me that got more attention then all off her shitty pornos combined LOL....anyway i knew she modded the chats its so obvious from what you showed me before i'm gonna post the real convo on my blog LOL for everyone to yet again laugh at her.

This is exactly why nobody cares about what you have to are a bitter attention seeking tranny....naturally i asked strom to give me the REAL convo's knowing how RayMan is and would stoop to his peasant ways to prove his 'point' and what do you know i saw several let me just recap on the bullshit he posted....RaYMan figures because ONE person asked him to be in a porn (sarcastically) this means people want to see his noob ass in porn again? LMFAO sorry loser ..stay retired =[....and also apparently i do porn for free? uhm its not a job..i do it for fun, nobody gets paid to do SL porn...but i can guarantee for a fact i make more money off PORN and things related then you have EVER in your miserable SL existance....oh and pretty positive i've gotten more offers to do movies then you EVER will for your so called 'chat logs' unless you can provide snapshots of these convo's taking place from this point on everyone will assume your making shit up as usual whitneys immortal words..

 [2011/10/19 00:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): harlee fallen said you wanted him ((first of all i NEVER spoke to this vile bitch in another lie attention seeking correction i did speak with him briefly when he was kissing my ass telling me he was done talkin about me...then the next day SPAZZED out LOOLOOL))
[2011/10/19 00:25]  Strom (strombolio): lol when
[2011/10/19 00:26]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): a few days ago
[2011/10/19 00:26]  Strom (strombolio): I don't even talk to her lol
[2011/10/19 00:26]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): him yu mean
[2011/10/19 00:26]  Strom (strombolio): her you mean lol
[2011/10/19 00:27]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol whatever ((LOL FAIL))
[2011/10/19 00:28]  Strom (strombolio): i asked her to be in a movie when i first started but she sounded so bimbo in IM I just never IMed her back lol
[2011/10/19 00:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/10/19 00:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): they said the other day you keep im them
[2011/10/19 00:31]  Strom (strombolio): lol shes crazy all I do is hang at my place
[2011/10/19 00:32]  Strom (strombolio): i do bother the fuck outta you though
[2011/10/19 00:47]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i noticed i quite like it ((aww sounds like RayMan had a crush))

Below you'll see the loser talking about aurora bentham the other girl RaYMan is jealous of, saying he will do a porn with strom...just to make aurora sounds like someone has too much spare time on there hands!

[2011/10/11 09:32] Rayven Baily: Hey I just noticed your ex cow is no longer partnered to that Bosely guy who she was mad in love with. lol. This is like a commerical you have seen 100 times.. same shit. who's next?

[2011/10/11 09:34] Strombolio Resident: lol idk

[2011/10/11 09:35] Strombolio Resident: ex cow lol

[2011/10/11 09:37] Rayven Baily: damn i was thinking earlier of accepting your offer to do a video to piss her off, but i guess she is crying her eyes out her 50th sl realtionship has failed

gosh wonder why RayMan is so curious as to who strom is fucking.....must've crushed his heart knowing strom was on the verge of making SLporntubes most popular porno with the one and only Harlee Fallen. LOL note the date...this is apparently when rayMan was done talkin about Harlee Fallen....gosh guess its hard to kick that stalkerism!

[2011/12/21 20:18]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so what girl did you fuck today and already forget her name
[2011/12/21 20:29]  Strom (strombolio): lol no one
[2011/12/21 20:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): sure
[2011/12/21 20:30]  Strom (strombolio): no but harlee IMed me this morning wanting to do a porn, which I thought was odd
[2011/12/21 20:31]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): oh yea lol.
[2011/12/21 20:32]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): what did you say
[2011/12/21 20:32]  Strom (strombolio): i just said i can't film for a week cuz im waiting on a new comp cus i am and that we would make one lol
[2011/12/21 20:33]  Strom (strombolio): said I was in love with Rayven
[2011/12/21 20:33]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): bullshit ((*gasps* cant believes it!))
[2011/12/21 20:33]  Strom (strombolio): lol jk

[2011/12/21 20:34]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): here i was considering doing a movie with you. ((LMFAO now he wants to do a porn with strom?!? wonder why, missed this part out))

once again mentioning my name...note the date...arent you suppose to be moving on with your life and getting over me?....must've found out he was gonna be ALL alone for christmas :(

[2011/12/22 20:11]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you should invite harlee for an audition
[2011/12/22 20:16]  Strom (strombolio): why?
[2011/12/22 20:17]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why not she wants to be in your videp
[2011/12/22 20:17]  Strom (strombolio): just dont feel like it really
[2011/12/22 20:22]  Strom (strombolio): rather audition you ((sarcasm poor RayMan cant tell the difference...when he's being made a clown out of))
[2011/12/22 20:22]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): just dont feel like it really
[2011/12/22 20:23]  Strom (strombolio): lol
[2011/12/22 20:25]  Strom (strombolio): k i'll get harlee over then
[2011/12/22 20:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): have fun
[2011/12/22 20:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you getting freaking yet.
[2011/12/22 20:30]  Strom (strombolio): yeah we just finished((at this point he was telling me about RayMan askin about me and we were laughing in at the loser))
[2011/12/22 20:33]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): good for you. ((YOU MAD??!?))

 strange how RayMan likes to talk so much shit about girls who look 100 times better then she ever will...its just like how fat girls hate on pretty girls....but for some reason RaYMan's every second sentence is him talking about another girl.....hater.

[2012/01/09 13:03]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): im sure your friend the raccoon enjoys it too
[2012/01/09 13:04]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): i dont even hang out with her hardly, are you like sl matchmaker now
[2012/01/09 13:05]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): maybe i should be
[2012/01/09 13:05]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): well you already tried to partner me so i guess im reserved
[2012/01/09 13:06]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): well you did have sex with her a few times and were at cumhouse with her a few days ago ((someone seems to care who strom bones....tut tut loser))
[2012/01/09 13:07]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): like twice... and lexus tped me in, not her
[2012/01/09 13:07]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): she has some little guy who's her "daddy" or something lol
[2012/01/09 13:09]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): hope they live happily ever after
[2012/01/09 13:09]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): aww you're so thoughtful
[2012/01/09 13:10]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): another girl will come along that you can have a crush on soon enough tho
[2012/01/09 13:10]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): more like another girl I will crush.(( who have you crushed? LMFAO you talk just like a man...ew such hostility))
[2012/01/09 13:10]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): lol
[2012/01/09 13:14]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): when we doing that porn?
[2012/01/09 13:15]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): im gonna say never. ask the raccoon
((aw never!? thank god.))

Rofl wait dont you wear freebie belly rings and the same clothes every day? beggars cant be choosers RayMan you should have took that 50l Tranny!

2012/01/09 13:24]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): ok 50 linden per porn
[2012/01/09 13:24]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): hell i dont think you could get harlee falen for 50 lindens per porn ((is this suppose to be an insult or a compliment))
[2012/01/09 13:27]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): do any guys pester you do porns or you already told them all no?
[2012/01/09 13:32]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): we can do a porn where we meet off the internet at some coffee shop
[2012/01/09 13:32]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): since you're always on the comp in your movie
[2012/01/09 13:34]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i been asked like 4 times the last two weeks ((and then RaYMan woke up!))
[2012/01/09 13:35]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): lol nice
[2012/01/09 13:36]  Bozo Dick (strombolio): 5 now ((again sarcasm))

Heres some posts he never pasted! 

[2011/10/16 22:34] Strombolio Resident: I'll put out a casting call for it

[2011/10/16 22:37] Rayven Baily: lol go for it

[2011/10/16 22:37] Strombolio Resident: lol

[2011/10/16 22:37] Strombolio Resident: "Strom recruiting date bitchs ASAP"

[2011/10/16 22:42] Rayven Baily: barbie frostbite im sure will apply

[2011/10/16 22:50] Strombolio Resident: lol why?

[2011/10/16 22:50] Rayven Baily: have you ever seen her she is ugly and looks like a newbie ((again hating on some girl who probably doesnt even know RayMan exists))

[2011/10/16 22:51] Strombolio Resident: nah I dont think I ever saw here

[2011/10/16 22:52] Rayven Baily: look her up in a search

[2011/10/16 22:53] Strombolio Resident: k

[2011/10/16 22:54] Strombolio Resident: who do you actually like on SL ? lol

[2011/10/16 23:00] Rayven Baily: me, myself and I ((LMFAO atleast he knows all he has is himself and the 2 voices in his head, sad fuck.))

[2011/10/16 23:01] Strombolio Resident: lol

[2011/10/16 21:48] Strombolio Resident: wheres good places to take a girl on a date at?

[2011/10/16 21:50] Rayven Baily: You serious? ((FORREEELSZ?!? crushed :())

[2011/10/16 21:50] Strombolio Resident: Yarp

[2011/10/16 21:50] Rayven Baily: try there

[2011/10/16 21:50] Strombolio Resident: k

[2011/10/16 21:51] Rayven Baily: first palce I went on date. you can go on a boat ride. hot air balloon they have dancing and shopping

[2011/10/16 21:51] Strombolio Resident: nice now I just need a girl to go with

[2011/10/16 21:54] Rayven Baily: aurora is online ((stalk mode on!))

[2011/10/16 21:54] Strombolio Resident: lol so?

[2011/10/16 22:08] Rayven Baily: I heard she is easy and puts out ((jealousy is a sickness get well soon))

[2011/10/16 22:16] Strombolio Resident: lol

[2011/12/28 20:17]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): still wanna do that porn?
[2011/12/28 20:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): hello? ((At this point he began ignoring RayMans suddenly she wants to do a porno when she knows he's making one with me?! sad))

So heres's what we have've ALWAYS been obsessed with Harlee Fallen...even when you told your pathetic self you were DONE, you probably have a crush on strom which is why you've gone so batty shit keep making remarks about gay this and gay that you seem awfully homophobic, isnt one of your friends a shemale on SL ivori faith? LOL i mean it doesnt bother me because i'm a female at the end of the day but just goes to show how ignorant and MAD you are and thats what i LOVE watching as you know hehehehe! 
Also Mr RayMan Faily asked why he's not done....well you will be soon... i have something special for you something flawless something you wont be expecting you WILL be a laughing stock ...but when should i drop it.....HEHehehehhehehee!


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