Wednesday, 18 January 2012


oh FYI Rayman what exactly have you proved? you can modify chat in microsoft word? ROFL another Fail for RayMan....since nobody is gonna download ANYTHING from your cheap looking blog...let me fill them in on what it is....its the chat he modified in microsoft word.......guess you didnt think that one through... must be furious you got caught yet again trying a bit to hard RayMan...MAYBE TRY THAT HARD TO GET ON MIC ALREADY AND UNTUCK YOUR COCK FROM YOUR ASS CHEEKS.... I guess one thing was right we DID talk in i remember when you where apparently done cryin about me for the 3rd time then snapped a whole 24 hours later LOL sorry cant recall everytime i chit chat with peasants...guess i'm just that important to you! LMFAO!

hope you can make it to the wedding, but once i drop what i have like BIRD SHIT on your'll probably never show your fugly face again...well lets hope so atleast! hehehehe <333


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